How to remove parquet

January 15, 2013
Renovation of apartments

How to remove parquetWooden pores have long been popular in our homes, and even now, with a huge range of modern flooring, parquet is a popular type of flooring. Such a floor has a low thermal conductivity, and therefore is pleasant to the feet, durable, wear-resistant, soundproof and looks beautiful. Parquet flooring fits perfectly with old. And in modern interiors. With high-quality materials, timely repair and proper care, parquet floors serve more than one year, but still they lose their properties after 15 years, and therefore the replacement of parquet is required.

Often in old apartments one can observe swollen and cracked parquet. In some cases, it can be restored, but often such parquet must be removed.

If there is a desire to remove the parquet, to begin with, it is still worth analyzing its condition - perhaps the repair will save the flooring, and it will last another few years. Parquet repair may include the replacement of individual elements, the removal of chips and scratches, the grinding and removal of potholes, the replacement of the lacquer layer.Even if the slats were loose and left their places, but at the same time the parquet floor retained the beautiful wood texture and color, you can sort it out. If the parquet finally deteriorated, then it will have to be removed and replaced with a new parquet or floorboard or laminate.

Preparatory work

how to remove old parquetAll the furniture, carpets and heavy interior items are removed from the room where the parquet will be removed. It is also necessary to dismantle the plinths, thresholds, ventilation grilles and other elements interfering with the disassembly of the parquet.

In the parquet it is important not to damage the part of the riveting into which the nail is hammered. It is better to finish the old nail into the floor through the riveting with a doboynik. The riveting itself, if it is not broken and not glued, can be easily removed.

If there are glued rivets in the parquet, then the nails also pierce through them, and then with a small hatchet they knock the riveting upwards. If there are also residues of glue underneath, they are scraped off with an ax.

Sometimes there is parquet laid on the resin. There are no nails in this parquet, and rivets are stained with resin, which is very difficult to clean. If the parquet will not be restored, then you can safely break it and clean it from the floor with a hatchet, in the case of further restoration find the narrowest riveting and make all the others by size.Ideally, all parquet rivets should be the same, but they differ by a couple of millimeters.

Removing old parquet

how to remove old parquetOften in the flooring wear and fall separate strips. And in this case, a partial replacement of parquet with new elements is required. To do this, the remaining parts of the floor are protected with a film or cloth from dust and debris. You can also use dry sheets of hardboard, thick cardboard, etc. Above, you can additionally lay plastic film overlap, sizing it with tape together and attaching it to the baseboards around the perimeter of the room. You can protect the plinth with masking tape.

Separate strips are removed as follows: cut down the comb, clean the wood flooring, clean the place under it. Insert a new bar and nail it with nails on top. Heads of nails is better to flatten and drown in wood by 2-3 mm.

You can remove the floor and with a drill. For this, the drill is wrapped with insulating tape so as to obtain the same thickness as that of the parquet shield. Begin with any one plank, drilling through it from top to the bottom. The first parquet is removed and then begin to prepare the coating for dismantling.

A chisel and a mallet at the junction of the slats make a slit, the size of which will depend on the drilled hole. Parquet plank pulled out of the panel and lifted. After removing the first plank, you can remove the entire parquet shield.

At the final stage, the subfloor is dismantled, which most likely will also have to be changed. There should be only a concrete slab and slag backfill (in modern homes it may not be).

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