How to remove paint from clothes

May 15, 2013

How to remove paint from clothesThe chances that the paint stain appears on the clothes are not so small - you can sit on the freshly painted bench in the park, you can stain the clothes with paint during the repair or touch the painted railings in the stairwell. Soiled clothes, of course, can be thrown out and not fiddled with it, but this option is rarely seen, and it is often possible to remove paint from clothes. Many people begin to rub clothes on the spot with various unsuitable compositions and as a result, at best, carry the item into a dry-cleaner, and at worst prepare it for disposal. If you know how to remove the paint from clothes, then the thing after processing will retain its original appearance and without having to spend a lot of effort.

It is possible to remove paint from clothes with the help of many tools that are in each house, the main thing is not to tighten and start to remove the stain immediately after its appearance, otherwise the paint will dry out and remove it will be much more difficult.

To begin with, it is necessary to determine to what type the paint belongs, since further actions depend on it.Paints are of the following types:

  • Gouache, watercolor, tempera
  • Acrylic and latex paints
  • Oil and alkyd enamels

Gouache and watercolor removal

These paints are water-soluble types, so they are removed very easily - with the help of running water. You can also soak the item in water with detergent. If you had to deal with tempera, then you will have to work more, because this paint has an oil base. In this case, you can even add a small amount of liquid soap to it during the preparation of paint, and this will help to easily remove stains under the stream of cold water.

Removal of latex and acrylic paints

To remove such paints will need: bleach, toothbrush, washing powder, as well as cold and hot water.

The stain of paint is moistened with cold water from the inside, and then squeezed, placed in a washing machine and put the longest wash at a low temperature. If the stains are not old, then this can be stopped, but sometimes a more effective method is needed.

A small amount of laundry detergent is rubbed into the stain using a toothbrush with soft circular motions.After that, the clothes are rinsed and washed in hot water. If the stain is still visible, you can use a stain remover and bleach.

Removing oil paint stains

Most will have to tinker with removing stains from oil paint. If the stain is fresh, you can try to remove it completely. And it is very difficult to remove old stains from oil paint without residue. even if it is possible to remove the top layer of oil paint, the color of the paint may remain on the fabric.

How to remove paint from clothesThe most effective tool in the fight against stains from oil and alkyd enamels is a solvent (you can take white spirit, acetone, kerosene, turpentine, etc.).

When choosing a solvent, it is important to try it on a small piece of fabric, since not all fabrics perceive equally well the action of aggressive chemicals.

In any case, the solvent should be applied to the fabric with a cotton swab, which must be changed as it gets dirty.

If gasoline is used for removing stains, then it is necessary to take not gasoline from gas stations, but special purified gasoline from hardware stores where it is sold in bottles.

So, the stain is moistened with a solvent, gently kicking the fabric with a cotton swab or soft cotton cloth. Then the item is washed in the hands with soap and then washed as usual.

Oil paint stains from leather and wool can be removed with vegetable oil (sunflower or olive). You can also use fat cream or vaseline for these purposes. These funds are applied to the area with a stain and gently rubbed into fabric or skin. When the stain is removed, this place is wiped with soapy water and then with a clean cloth. Woolen thing can be washed in cold water.

Complex stains can be removed first with a solvent, and then apply a stain remover or bleach (for white fabrics) to this place. Next thing washed as usual with the use of detergent. If a stain remains, the stain remover is also used in the next wash.

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