How to make your TV show?

A creative person wants to try himself inmany things. So, some begin to draw, the second - to write books, and still others - to make films and serials. If you also want to shoot your first TV series, but do not know how to proceed to this business and organize your work, we will help in this.

How to remove your series: what you need

Briefly indicate the main points that will need to work out in the process of creating the series:

  • search for ideas and prepare a script;
  • storyboard;
  • selection of a film crew, work with it;
  • the process of shooting the series;
  • installation of the series;
  • viewing the series, fixing bugs.

To remove your series, you need to pay close attention to all these moments. Let's consider each of them in more detail.

Finding an idea and preparing a script

To remove the standing series, you need a good idea and a well-constructed script. In choosing an idea, follow three points:

  • The idea should be interesting to a wide range of potential viewers.
  • The idea should "cling" to you. Removing that you are not interested, you can not make a good TV series, the viewer will feel a falsity.
  • The idea should be well known to you or in detailstudied. For example, when shooting a historical series, you need to know well the era in which the action takes place (how people dressed at the time, how they behaved, what were the traditions, etc.).

Now briefly about the scenario:

  • The script should detail in detail who went where, what and how he said and did, etc., that is, everything to the smallest detail.
  • When creating a script, remember that you are doing this forof people. People watch movies and TV shows to get vivid emotions and experiences, they must expect something in the process of viewing. The viewer likes to think and understand, therefore the visual should prevail over the dialogues. The viewer is better not to tell, but to show. Dialogues and replicas in the series should be closely associated with the scenes and shots. For example, a question-replica of one of the characters may be followed by a reply-frame. Example: a sad girl in love utters a phrase: "I would know now what you feel for me," and the next scene shows her lover in the arms of another girl. You do not have to say anything, the viewer immediately understands this relationship.
  • To keep the viewer's attention on the show andmake him watch the next series, each series must be finished at an unexpected moment, interrupted at the most interesting place. The viewer will be intrigued, he will think about what will happen next, and see a new series.
  • When creating a script, evaluate it from the sidethe viewer. Do not you want to yawn? Do you want to know how this story will unfold and how will it end? If the answers are positive, then the script is OK.
  • The script of the movie and the series is built according to the scheme: exposure (introduction of the viewer into the situation, acquaintance with the situation, heroes), the formation (the formation of the conflict), the development of the action (events that occur due to the conflict), the culmination (the highest point of tension), the denouement (how everything ends). Each series can be built according to its mini-script, and many series can be finished at the moment of climax to keep the viewer's attention, and the denouement to be given at the beginning of the next. All series of the series in the aggregate should be linked, should show the development of major conflicts.
  • In the series there can be several storylines that tell about the life of different characters. So it will be more intense and interesting.


To make a good TV show, do not be lazyPreliminarily make a storyboard (for each series). The storyboard is a film in the drawings, a kind of comic book. Thus, you save time on the shooting, because before you will have a clear plan in the pictures. You will understand well where and how actors should be at different times.

Selection of the film crew, work with it

This is one of the most important moments. To shoot a series that will appeal to viewers, you need to pick up a talented film crew and competently organize its work. There must be a competent director who will find a common language with the operator, this is very important, since the operator and the director must understand each other and cooperate. Also the director should be able to explain to actors what and how they should do in the frame, be able to correct them in case of mistakes, sometimes cheer and help to reveal themselves in the role. The cameraman must know the camera art, be able to convey the director's ideas and thoughts with the help of photography, offer his thoughts about what and how best to film, and discuss them with the director. Actors should be talented, suitable for the role of external data. They must obey and understand the director, be able to play naturally, so that even Stanislavsky would not carp. Also on the set should be other workers and assistants. These are make-up artists, requisites, illuminators, etc. You can find out more about who is a member of the crew and how it works, you can here.

The process of shooting the series

How to make a TV show? If a good script is prepared and there is a competent storyboard, then the shooting will be easier. Make a survey plan for the next few days and follow it clearly, the organizational moments here are very important. Assign a time to start shooting, collect a film crew, explain to everyone the task of filming for a specific day, then give the group a chance to prepare. While they are preparing the set, the actors repeat their remarks and are set up morally, the director explains to the operator and actors what is required of them at a particular moment. When everyone is clear, you can shoot the first scene. You need to be prepared for as many duplicates as possible, because everything should be perfect, and this is difficult to achieve immediately. So, slowly following the plan, shoot the scene behind the scenes. It is not necessary to follow strictly the scenario, if, for example, it is convenient to shoot two different unrelated scenes. The main thing then not to get confused at editing. It is possible that in the process of filming you will have to make changes to the script, this is normal.

Installation of the series

When the entire series is filmed, you can proceedits installation. If this is your first TV show and you are a layman, then any convenient program for video editing, for example, Movie Maker, will do. Review the footage, then start editing the scenes, creating a single narrative thread from the frames. Make sure that the sound and video do not lag behind each other. When the video is mounted, you can add the moments, titles, effects, etc. in the required places.

Viewing the series, fixing bugs

The series is filmed and edited, now itsmust be carefully reviewed. Make sure that the shots everywhere were correct, the camera did not tremble anywhere, there were no sound changes, unnecessary frames, which they forgot to cut out. We must follow everything. Then you need to fix the errors and re-view the series. So it is necessary to do until you are satisfied with its quality. When the series is completely ready, if it's necessary, it's time to start sounding.

Useful Materials

The question of how to shoot your series is verycomplex and versatile, so in the framework of one article you will not tell everything. We have presented to you the general scheme for creating a series of the series.

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