How to make jeans from shorts?

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How to make jeans from shorts?

A new fashionable and original piece of clothing is quitecan be done with your own hands. In particular, in this article we will look at how to make shorts out of old jeans. And in the article of our site What to make of old jeans you will find some more interesting ideas.

What will it take to make shorts?

The list of materials depends, first of all, on your wishes. For example, if you just want to cut off your jeans, thereby making shorts, then you will have enough scissors. It's better if the scissors are tailors.

If you want the cut line to be flat andneat, then you should use the traditional sewing tools: fine or a piece of soap and a centimeter tape or ruler. To sew the edges you can not do without a sewing machine.

For decoration can be used the mostvarious material. For example, you can color your shorts. To do this, you should get the colors for the fabric, acrylic marker and stencil. You can also decorate the shorts with embroidery, then you will need to choose a scheme and special thread for embroidery. In the shops for needlework you will find a lot of stripes, ribbons, laces, original buttons and rivets that will look good on your new fashionable shorts.

How correctly to cut off jeans?

  1. We begin by defining the length of the futureproducts. The easiest way to do this is by the existing shorts. It is enough to put shorts on jeans and make a soap or a shallow mark. A little lower make a second mark, if the edge is to bend and stitch. The second line departs from the first by 2.5 cm - if we fold one at a time and 3-4 cm - if we fold twice. We will cut just the bottom line. Even if we measure the length of the old shorts, before cutting, we do the fitting and calculate the measured length.
  2. When the length is determined, draw a shallow straight line, before stretching the jeans.
  3. Cut first one leg and then the other.
  4. When the jeans are cut off, we proceed to processingthe edges. The simplest option is to leave the edges shabby. To do this, slightly open the edges, using, for example, a large sandpaper or a kitchen grater.JeansFrom the front, you can make several small cuts along the edge. As a result we get youth shorts.
  5. Another option for edge processing for those who, althoughwould be able to sew a little. Fold the edge one or two times. If you are going to do a double fold, it is better to first bend it one time and stitch it, and then repeat the procedure. So the edge will be smoother. Those who do not experience too much sewing experience, it is recommended to iron the folding line, and then manually make a mark with a thread and a needle. Using a sewing machine, make a seam only on the wrong side so that it turns out smooth and neat.
  6. You can tuck in shorts without using a sewing machine. To do this, just use the adhesive tape, which we put inside our fold and iron it properly.

For more information on how to trim jeans or make holes and cuts in them, you can find in our article How to cut jeans.

How to paint shorts?

To paint shorts, they need, first of all,whiten. To do this, we pour the concentrated bleach into the spray gun. We spray the shorts. We follow that the fabric is evenly impregnated. Then leave the shorts for 4-5 hours. During this time, the paint must come off. After the designated time, the shorts should be rinsed in water and dried.

Now you can start painting. For this, it is best to use specialJeansfacilities. They keep better and do not wash off when washing. For example, in the shops you will find paints for Dylon fabrics. There are a lot of positive reviews about it on the web. In addition, with the help of paints, you can make original patterns on the fabric.

Well-proven and aniline dyes. The very process of staining will consist in boiling the product in water with a paint and a tablespoon of table salt.

Many people have been invented in the peopledye denim without special dyes. But far from all these methods of coloring withstand long-lasting toes and repeated washing. In addition, some methods involve the use of specific medical and chemical substances, which is accompanied by a rather sharp odor.

How to decorate shorts?

You can decorate shorts in a variety of ways. For example, you canJeans

  • use a stencil to paint some drawing;
  • to let the lace tape along the lower edges, belt or seams;
  • sew a piece of lace or any other fabric that repeats the shape of the back pocket;
  • sew rhinestones, pearls, buttons, bows and other small ornaments;
  • to attach rivets, etc.

Those who have already made jeans shorts, you can try to create a new product. This article will help you How to sew shorts.

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