How to make free SMS?

With a zero balance on your mobile phone, you do notyou can send SMS from him. In this case, you can use the Internet and send a text message to any subscriber's mobile phone for free.

How to make free SMS via computer

We suggest you choose one of the following ways to send SMS messages free of charge.

Official websites of mobile operators

  • From the MTS website can send free messagesonly subscribers of the company "MTS". In the appropriate fields on the site you enter your phone number, phone number of the subscriber, the text of the message. Below you solve a simple puzzle to prove that you are not a robot. And then you specify the verification code that will come to your phone number. The message will be sent after clicking the "Send" button.
  • If you need to send SMS to a Megafon subscriber, go to the Megaphone website. Here it is necessary to enter the phone number of the addressee, the text of the message and the verification code.
  • Subscriber "Beeline" SMS messages are sent on the same principle. go to the service from Beeline, enter the recipient's number, the symbols from the picture and the text of the message.

More detailed instructions on this subject you can find in the article - How to send SMS via the Internet for free.

If you are interested in other cellular operators, then to access their services, you can use the convenient application of the social network "VKontakte" called Free SMS sending.

Online sending SMS services

To make free SMS, you will needInternet access and any search engine (Yandex, Google, for example). Enter in the search box: "send sms for free" and before you open a list of links to sites where you can make free SMS.

With the help of these services, you can send SMS messages to all your friends from the same site, regardless of which mobile operator they are served by.

How to make free SMS-sending

  • Use SMS testing on the Prostor-sms website. Within 30 days you can send messages absolutely free.
  • By the same principle, you can send sms for business within 15 days free of charge as part of the test mode on the SMS001 website.
  • Service Bytehand offers a free SMS-sending, but limits the number of messages without payment. On the day you are given 10 rubles, this is about 25 free SMS.

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