How to make a work plan?

At any work of employees of each link,especially among managers, there is a need to draw up a work plan. With it, it is much easier then to conduct the production process and monitor the progress of its implementation. Therefore it is very important to know how to properly draw up a work plan.

Procurement for the plan

All international management systems recommendmake a plan so that you are as clear as possible. It should specify everything that the work went on without overlapping and "misunderstanding" of all those involved in the process. The simplest advice, how to make a work plan, is to draw a table, in which there will be many lines and columns, depending on the volume of the work ahead. So, first about the columns. The first one will be called "Number in order". In it, you will put the numbers of the components of the whole process from one to infinity, as required. The second column is "Name of the event." For example, in an advertising campaign such events can be such as: market analysis, conducting a sociological survey, drawing up a list of promo-actions, writing scenarios of shares, drawing up and calculating a budget, placing promo materials in the press, holding an exhibition of products, holding tastings for the press and etc. The third column is the time for completion. This can be indicated as one day and a specific time (from 8 to 10 hours), or even whole periods (1.2 weeks). The fourth column is the responsible one. Here you will write the names of the persons responsible for each stage of the campaign. The fifth column - the minuses of the stage and the ways to minimize them, the sixth column - the pros and how to strengthen them. For example, the disadvantage may be the high cost of renting a hall for presentation, and the way to minimize these costs is by agreeing with the owners of the hall about a joint action, so the expenses will be cut in half. In pluses you will have access to every city dweller visiting a tasting, to strengthen this effect you need additional advertising and laying out an extended range. These are already elements of strategic planning, but they are very necessary to make your plan literate and working. Once you have filled in such a blank, you can understand how to draw up a work plan for the department. The main thing is to clearly understand the goal and the expected result of the collective work in numerical terms.

Personal plan for the day

Any manager does not need to explain how importantmake up a daily plan. It always lacks one thing - time for everything. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the priorities for each of the cases. Take a piece of paper and draw it into 4 parts. In the upper left corner write all your business, the most urgent and important. In the upper right - urgent and not important. In the lower left corner, not urgent and important, and in the lower right - not urgent and not important. Think carefully which part of the sheet to write each of your cases for tomorrow and put them on the table. Urgent and important you have to start tomorrow in the morning without delay. Urgent and not important assign your deputy. In the second half of the day, you will perform cases from the list of "not urgent and important". And cases from the lower right list can be entrusted to the secretary in the morning, and in the evening to check the implementation. By the way, in the evening leave 20 minutes to work out a new list of cases.

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