How to make a cloth doll

December 11, 2012

Handmade fabric dollsNow you can find many different soft dolls in the store, but if you make such a toy for your child with your own hands, it will carry a piece of parental love and care. Such charming dolls are not difficult to manufacture, but they bring a lot of pleasure to children - you can knead and squeeze, sit in different poses, you can even sleep on them. These dolls will not bring harm to the baby, because there is absolutely nothing to be hurt in them.

Another advantage of soft textile dolls is the possibility of recycling various pieces of fabric, buttons, ribbons, ribbons and other handmade remnants. Even a sock can make a very cute doll, and if you have various shreds, ribbons and beads in stock, you can put on dolls in beautiful clothes and create any image - from a fairy-tale gnome to a princess.

There are many techniques for making dolls made of cloth, but in this article we present only the most uncomplicated ones.

Sock Dolls

how to make a doll from fabric

  1. From children's socks can make a cute soft doll. It is better to take colored socks with different patterns so that the dolls are fun and bright.Even for its manufacture, it is necessary to prepare a shred of white fabric, preferably knitted, and a filler for a soft doll.
  2. We cut the sock into three parts, that is, we cut off the heel from it so that we get two approximately equal parts, two of which will be used.
  3. Cut a circle from a white knit fabric, sew a needle along the perimeter with the seam forward, tighten the thread lightly, fill the head with cotton wool or other soft filler and tighten the thread more tightly. For the doll's eyes, black beads or beads are used. If desired, you can also make a doll mouth and nose.
  4. From the rounded part of the sock form the torso of the doll. To do this, the sock is stitched or stitched with hands along the dotted lines indicated on the photo, leaving the upper part unstitched.
  5. Then the body is stuffed with wadding or padding polyester and the upper part is tied in the same way as in the case of a doll's head.
  6. The head is sewn to the body, and a hat is made from the rest of the sock, while the bottom of the sock can be rolled up or wrapped and hemmed with a needle. Tie a cap with a colored ribbon or braid. Doll cheeks can be tinted with paint or blush.

Dolls of tights and stockings

how to sew a cloth dollFor these dolls make the frame of the wire, which is then covered with capron with a filler. For the manufacture of dolls using this technology you will need: thick flexible wire, synthetic winterizer or cotton wool, several nylon stockings or tights, beads, beads, ribbons, braid, artificial hair or threads, cloth scraps, scissors, threads, needles and pliers.

  • First, choose the pose in which the dolls will be, after which the product frame is formed from the wire with the help of pliers.
  • The resulting "skeleton" is covered with cotton wool, padding polyester or any other soft filler, securing it with fishing line or thread. So is the body of the doll. Small parts (hands, feet, etc.) can be made from papier-mâché, polymer clay, or plastic parts can be taken from ready-made dolls.
    For the “skin” of the doll we use nylon pantyhose or stockings. A piece of product in the form of a pipe is tied onto the doll's blank, forming all the necessary details such as the nose, fingers, cheeks with the help of a fishing line.
  • To form a face using different techniques. For example, you can embroider eyes, nose and mouth. And you can paint the face of the doll or glue the necessary details.
  • For hairstyles use threads of a suitable color or artificial hair. They are glued with bunches to the head of the doll, and then they make a hairstyle from strands. It is best to braid the doll with a braid, but you can also trim the doll if necessary.
  • At the final stage, you must wear a doll. To do this, you can use different patches and decorative items. You can make a thematic doll - for example, in the old Russian style (stitch a sundress to it) or just stitch a pretty clothes for the doll. Here everyone acts by virtue of his imagination and the available materials. You can think of not only the doll's outfit, but also small details - accessories, jewelry, hats, etc.

It is worth remembering that for small children dolls must be made with a minimum number of small parts. It is better to sew everything securely, and to embroider the doll’s face with threads.

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