How to make 3D glasses

July 14, 2013
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How to make 3D glassesNow 3D video is gaining more and more popularity, and if previously such films could only be watched in cinemas, now 3D TVs have appeared, and on the Internet you can find images in this format. Three-dimensional image gives a sense of presence, so the audience loves this format. Those who have come across 3D at least once know that special 3D glasses are needed to view such videos and images. They are sold complete with TVs, they are given for viewing in cinemas, and in stores now you can also buy such glasses. But not many people know that 3D glasses can be easily and quickly made at home, using only a frame for old glasses, as well as blue and red glass or film.

The 3D effect occurs in our brain, which gives the appropriate signal to the organs of vision. Three-dimensional images have become popular recently, but they have long been known. Scientists have given the name to this effect stereoscopy - the creation of the illusion of the depth of the image.

All three-dimensional images can be divided into several groups, depending on the mode of information transfer:
Do it yourself 3d glasses

  1. Circulation-polarized glasses make it possible to view a 3D view.With this method, two images are projected onto one screen through special filters, and viewers through glasses with the same filters see their own images with each eye, due to which the illusion of three dimensions arises. In this case, you can look in different directions and generally twist your head as you please - the image will still remain three-dimensional. If you remove the glasses, the movie is quite possible to watch, but the outlines of some objects will be vague.
  2. For viewing static pictures, another type of glasses is more suitable - anaglyphic. These are multi-colored simple glasses, in which blue and red filters are inserted as lenses. Most often, a cardboard insert is used as a frame, but such glasses can be made with a stronger plastic frame. This method of filing a three-dimensional image is simpler and cheaper. It is not based on the correct transmission of color stereo image, but uses the properties of the nervous system of our body. It will take about 30 seconds to adapt to these glasses, and after they are removed, it may take some time to restore color perception.

    Now on the Internet you can find a large number of such three-dimensional images, and to view them you can make 3D eyes in half an hour. In this case, you can use the materials at hand.

How to make 3D glasses with your own hands

The technology of making such glasses is very simple. Many people think that making 3D glasses with their own hands is difficult and buying them in stores. In fact, everything is much easier, and you can not buy such glasses at all points of sale.

Surely everyone will find old sunglasses. They can be used as a frame, and if there are no such glasses at hand, you can even make a base out of cardboard or plastic.

3D glasses technology

how to make 3d glasses at home

  1. From the old glasses gently take out the sun lenses. It is important not to damage the rim. The removed lenses are applied to a thick transparent film (plastic files, badges, packages from music discs, and other suitable materials can be used), outlined and cut out.
  2. The left lens is painted with a red marker on both sides.
  3. On the one hand, the right lens is painted over with a blue marker, and on the other hand with a green marker. It is important to apply the marker as evenly as possible so that there are no streaks and stains. It is quite difficult to do this by the marker itself, but there is a way out and situations. To do this, you can get an alcohol rod from the marker and squeeze the liquid out of it onto the lenses.You can also take a wide brush and evenly distribute the coloring fluid from the marker.
  4. It is necessary to wait for the paint from the marker to dry completely, and to insert the colored lenses back. It is important to remember that the left lens should be red, and the right blue-green.

To check the performance of the 3D glasses, you can use the bulk photo below. By the way, if the monitor has a pale color rendition, the volume effect will decrease or it will not be noticeable at all.
how to make 3d glasses

how to make anaglyph 3d glasses

how to make 3d glasses by yourself

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