How to knit children?

Knitted clothes for children are very popular. After all, it is very comfortable, practical, warm and beautiful. How to knit children?


First of all, we must carefully chooseyarn for children's products. It is best to choose cotton, wool, silk, as well as viscose and bamboo yarn. However, it should be remembered that the hair can have an allergy to the child. Since children do not like spiny wool, it is better to choose a soft merino wool or mixed yarn.

What can knit children

Children can knit a variety of sweaters, blouses,Dresses, as well as socks, hats, mittens, booties. Knits can be decorated with tassels, ruffles, fringe, flounces. In addition, you can tie various drawings - bears, flowers, as well as jacquard patterns. Color for children is better to choose bright and saturated.

In addition, you can please children with knitted toys. And the article How to knit toys will help you.

Knit can be knitted or crocheted.

Knitting needles

They can be wooden, steel,plastic, and made of a different material. Choose smooth knitting needles so that the hinges slide well. In order to get a dense product, the spokes should be smaller number. If you want to get a more loose or delicate product, you should choose the spokes of the larger number. So, if you want to knit with knitting needles for children, pick up the right number of spokes, and then it will turn out exactly what you are planning.


Hooks can also be made of metal, plasticor wood. Hooks choose the diameter. Knitting with a thick hook gives loose knitting, and knitting is thin - tight knitting. Crochet for children is best hats, socks and mittens, but you can choose a more complex thing, for example, overalls. For more information, see How to Tie a Coverall.

Do you want to learn how to knit children? Start with the simplest - booties.


You will need:

  • Hook No.2,5;
  • Acrylic yarn.

Manufacturing process:

  1. First you need to type a string of air loops. The length should correspond to the child's leg.
  2. Next columns with a crochet should be tied oval in a circle.
  3. Then it is necessary to execute another round row with columns with a crochet, inserting a hook behind the back wall of the loop.
  4. Next, you need to link several rows of columns to the crochet. In this case, for the toe, it is necessary to tie five loops together in each circular row.
  5. The upper part is better to connect with an openwork pattern, alternating columns with a crochet and air loops.
  6. And the work must be completed in a circular series.
  7. Just need to connect the second booties.
  8. To booties well sat, it is necessary to stretch the ribbon in the first circular row. You can decorate the product with beads and buttons.

More about knitting pinets, you can read in the article How to Knit Booties.

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