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How to hide crying eyes?

I can not say that I cry very often, but sometimes happens. How to disguise the swelling of eyes after tears and hide the bad mood, it is important to know every girl, because you do not always want to show weakness, and especially swollen eyes.

How to hide crying eyes

        We act immediately.As soon as she wiped away the tears and calmed down, I proceed to the eyes. After all, the sodium contained in tears can negatively affect the thin skin around the eyes. Redness and swelling - the enemy with whom need to fight first. You can not rub your eyes, blot the tears of paper napkin or handkerchief.

        Cold compresses.It helps me a lot to remove swelling an eye wrap from crushed ice wrapped with a paper towel. I apply bags of ice for 5 minutes to the eyes, eating ice on hand was not there, I use tea bags. At first I pour boiling water over them, and then carefully take out and chill in the fridge. I put cooled tea bags for several minutes under the eyes.

How to hide crying eyes

        Masks for redness and puffiness.If it's spring or summer, I use a cucumber mask. I cut cucumbers into slices and put them on the eyes 10 minutes. Green parsley fights well with puffy eyes. I chop finely fresh parsley, mix it with sour cream and put a mask on the skin around the eyes on half an hour. Ate sour cream in the fridge was not found, parsley can be attached to swollen skin, and top cover with wet cotton pads. In winter due the lack of the components necessary for the green mask, I use egg protein. First, separate the white from the yolk, then whip the white with a fork and put it on. on the skin around the eyes. I wash away the protein mask after it is completely dry.

How to hide crying eyes

If the puffiness was able to win, and the eyes were red, I use strong fresh brewing of black tea, or steaming chamomile. After as the tea leaves or chamomile have cooled, I soak cotton pads in the liquid and I put them on my eyes. Do not be afraid that the liquid will seep through your eyelids and gets into your eyes, it's even good. You can try to drip eyes brewing.

And most importantly, doing all the procedures, the main thing is to insist on positive emotions, listen to encouraging music and no longer cry.

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