How to draw Stalker?

"Stalker" is a well-known computer game releasedat the beginning of the XXI century and almost immediately conquered the hearts of gamers. Some of those who are particularly interested in the plot of the toy, set their records on the speed of its passage: 15 minutes - that's the absolute minimum.

The image of the main character - the same Stalker -collective. The name is an abbreviation of English words that are translated into Russian as: Crossers, Scavengers, Adventurers, Assassins, Explorers and Robbers, Solitary. This is exactly what a real adventurer looks like. Let's try to depict the hero on a simple sheet of paper. So, how to draw Stalker in pencil? We depict him in a fighting posture, standing on one knee with an automatic weapon in his hands and holding the next mutant on the sight.

  1. First, we designate the place where Stalker will be located. Let us derive an approximate contour of the hero's boundaries.
  2. Now we will outline the body pattern. As we have already mentioned, the hero holds a weapon in his hands, so the template must include this part as well.
  3. The world in which Stalker has to dwell is fulldeadly radiation. She has already transformed into dangerous mutants of all living beings of the zone. For a person, its action is fatal. That's why our gas mask is worn on our Stalker. Let's draw its outlines on the face of the hero. Follow the instructions and you will learn how to draw Stalker in stages.
  4. Stalker needs to be as visible as possible. The better it disguises, the more likely it is to be unnoticed by another monster. So on Stalker a protective camouflage suit.
  5. Behind the back of the hero is a hiking backpack, on the belt is a briefcase. Denote these details in the figure.
  6. The stalker is almost ready. It remains only to outline its outlines, add shadows and small realistic details: grass at the feet, radiation icon on the hood, necessary light and shade.

Our hero smoothly migrated from the excitingtoys in the two-dimensional fantastic world of their future victories. Now you know how to draw Stalker, so, adding fantasy, you can come up with interesting pictures of your paintings.

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