How to delay menstruation in women for a day and for several days at home with drugs, contraceptives and folk remedies with reviews and advice of doctors

on 21.08.2017

Do you have a grand celebration, wedding, or gathered for a weekend to the sea? Such plans can easily destroy “these most feminine days,” which often come at the wrong time. But there is a solution! Let's talk abouthow can you delay menstruation for several days, while not causing harm to your body.

The main thing in the article

Is it possible to delay monthly for one, two or several days at home?

If a woman is healthy and her menstrual cycle is stable,it is quite possible to “cheat” and postpone the beginning of your period at home.True, it is often not necessary to do this, since you can bring down your menstrual cycle, and this is a direct path to gynecological diseases (myoma, cervical erosion). The only exceptions are cases when it comes to slowing menstruation due to medical indications (heavy bleeding, anemia).

To help cope with the task of delay can:

  • medication;
  • folk remedies.

Consider those and other methods in more detail below.

What to do to delay the monthly?

One of the easiest and most effective ways to delay the onset of menstruation -these are drugsbut their side effects are greatest. Therefore, each woman should think well whether it is worth the risk, and before taking it is necessary to consult a gynecologist.

Less dangerousfolk recipesbut no one can give a 100% result. Since some of the weaker sex they help, while others "remain offended," as evidenced by the discussion of funds from the people in different women's forums.

How to delay monthly for a day?

Red circle marked on a calendar day
Female sex hormones are responsible for the entire menstrual cycle, therefore the delay depends directly on them. Acceptance of progestogen-containing hormonal drugs (progestins, progestogens) gives almost 100% guarantee that menstruation is not available on time. You can find these hormones in contraceptives (contraceptives).

It is necessary to begin their reception from the middle of a menstrual cycle, and to stop in day when on the period monthly should begin. This method can provokea delay of up to five days.In cases of choice for delaying monthly single-phase contraception, one pill should be taken per day. She will not be able to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, but on the day of the "planned" onset of menstruation, the rejection of these pills will givea delay of 1-3 days.

How to delay the monthly for several days and a week?

8dc425b2acbf9c68064b8a63eae1ffbc_XLAll the same hormonal contraceptive pills can get rid of menstruation for a fairly long period of time. According to the instructions, in order to avoid the occurrence of an unwanted pregnancy and not to have a negative effect on the body, contraceptives are drunk with breaks.But if you drink them without stopping, skipping the recommendation breaks, then there will simply be no monthly periods at all. Resume the cycle only after the end of taking the pills.

Gynecologists warn that taking contraceptive drugs without interruption may adversely affect women's health, and do not recommend taking such funds for more than 2 months.

Drugs and pills that delay monthly

Medicine offers a whole line of drugs that can delay the onset of menstruation. True, their direct purpose is the treatment of certain gynecological diseases, but the side effect is the delay in the arrival of menstruation. With a stable intake of such drugs, the absence of blood discharge lasts long enough. Consider these tools below.

How to take duphaston to delay menstruation?

Duphaston- hormonal medicine that allows you to delay menstruation for a periodup to a week.Remember that this is not a contraceptive drug, so you should not be careless in terms of sex. Its main task is to solve the problem of endometriosis. It affects the uterine lining, which contributes to increased production of progesterone.

To delay, you need to start taking Duphastonin the middle of the cycle, two pills a day.The method is considered fairly safe, since the components of the drug do not affect the viscosity of the blood and do not provoke its stagnation in the organs of the small pelvis.

Vikasol for delayed menses

Vikasol to postpone critical days is accepted2 tablets per day.The drug is a hemostatic and purposefully working on the formation of a blood clot to stop bleeding. It is impossible to use the drug for a delay for a long time, since the blood of the menstruation should, according to physiological norms, go outside, and this remedy contributes to their blockage inside the female body. After a time, the plasma begins to decompose, provoking inflammatory processes.

Dicine for delayed menses

Dicynonwritten out to strengthen the vascular walls, thickening of the lymph, stimulate the appearance of platelets. It is used for bleeding, and women use dicinone to delay menstruation. But it should be remembered that Ditsinon can provoke such side effects as:

  • hypertension;
  • dizziness;
  • nausea;
  • rash;
  • numbness of the limbs.

Ditsinon should be drunk 5 days before the "start" of menstruation.

Utrozhestan for delayed menses

How to take askorutin to delay the monthly?

In gynecologyaskorutintake with heavy bleeding during menstruation. This vitamin complex has a high content of vitamins P and C. If menstruation occurs with complications, then the drug is taken several days before the cycle begins, and after that the course continues for another 1-2 weeks. In healthy women, this technique of askorutin causes a delayfor about 4 days.

How to take tranexam to delay menstruation?

Tranexamprescribed to women with strong, heavy discharge. But subject to increasing dosage and takingmore than 500 mg per daymenstruationterminated completely.It should be careful when using it, since the consequences can be unpredictable.

Norcolut to delay the monthly

Norkolut produces a directional effect on the adjustment of the menstrual cycle. It is prescribed to women, if there is the fact of the delay of menstruation. If everything is fine with this, then it has the opposite effect. That is the beginningtaking Norkolut 14-15 days before menstruationcan delay a “meeting” with themfor 5-7 days.It is also often taken by women with heavy discharge during menstruation,as it helps to reduce the amount of discharge.

How much can the monthly trimedat delay?

This drug is aimed at the elimination of disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and as a side effect has a violation of the menstrual cycle. Himreception can both keep and cause menstruation.As for the time delay, then everything is individual and depends on the duration of receiving trimedat.

Can candles delay the monthly?

The use of candles can affect the menstrual cycle and provoke a delay, but on condition that the candles are aimed at stopping bleeding, contribute to the strengthening of the vascular walls or are hormonal.

How to delay monthly birth control pills?

In addition to the direct appointment - protection from unwanted pregnancy, these tools are often used to delay menstruation. To do this, simply do not make a break between courses. Such effects can delay monthly for a week, or even until the next cycle.

How to delay monthly folk remedies

Not so long ago, all human diseases and physiological abnormalities were treated exclusively by traditional medicine.And today, her recipes are widely used both as independent therapy and as an adjunct in conservative treatment. Consider the options of the people, which will help delay the critical days.

Nettle decoction
The most popular way from our grandmothers, who helpedto postpone the arrival of menstruation for a few days.To prepare it, you need to stock up on dry nettle grass. It can be collected independently or buy ready-made herb in a pharmacy.

At 0.5 liters of broth will need 5 tablespoons of chopped nettle. Boil the grass for 5 minutes and insist 1-3 hours.

Drink nettle decoction as tea, starting in the middle of the cycle. Also, this tool will facilitate the condition of women with protracted, abundant secretions.

Lemon - assistant in the delay of menstruation

Traditional medicine for delaying useslemonsince he is richvitamin C(ascorbic acid). The concentration of this element in lemon contributes to the retention of monthlyfor 2-3 days. Of course, everybody can eat a lemon without anything, so its use with sugar or honey is recommended. Eating this fruit in high quantities should be 5 days before the scheduled day of the onset of menstruation.

In other words, you can eat not only lemons, but other foods that contain the maximum amount of ascorbic acid. But it should be warned that this method does not affect everyone, so do not be too upset if the allocation will begin on time.

Water pepper broth

Water penC - a source of vitamin K, which is the main element contributing to the clotting (thickening) of blood.

From the grass is a decoction in the following proportions:2 tbsp water pepper + 1 tbsp boiling water. Pour the grass and let it stand.

It is necessary to take such a decoction 1/3 times three times a day, 10–12 days before the planned start of the month. The delay due to this method can be extended.up to 7 days.

Fees are able to extend the "clean days"

Women who want to extend the time without periods, but do not use medications, you need to pay attention to the following herbal recipes

  • Mix in the same proportions such herbs:yarrow, silvergrass goose, nettle, valerian (roots), burnet (root).The resulting fee is brewed in proportion:3 tablespoons + 0.5 liters of boiling water. Insist collection 10 minutes and drink 3 times a day for 200 ml.Reception start a week before the "red" date;
  • the second collection can give4–7 days delay. To begin to mix herbs in equal proportions:mint, shepherd's bag, raspberry leaves.On a glass of boiling water, apply 1 tablespoon of a mixture of herbs. Insist for half an hour and drink three times a day for half a glass.You need to start 5 days before the "planned" date.

What antipsychotics delay menstruation?

Sleepless woman
In recent studies it was found that antipsychotics (neuroleptics), which lead to an increase in prolactin production, can trigger such a syndrome as amenorrhea, in other words, the absence of menstruation. The group of subjects had the following indicators:

  • 70% of the discharge was scanty, and the cycles were lengthened;
  • 30% had no monthly periods.

This is due to an increased level of prolactin, which regulates fertility, cycles and ovulation. Therefore, in the treatment of neurosis and other disorders from these drugs is better to refuse, and use tools that do not increase the level of prolactin.

Could delay monthly alcohol?

Doctors prohibit alcohol during menstruation, because it causes blood flow to the pelvic region, and alcoholic drinks also constrict blood vessels, causing bleeding. The amount of blood secreted increases, so the conclusion followsthat alcohol before menstruation can trigger their onset.

Does monthly masturbation delay?

Experts claim thatmasturbation does not affect the menstrual cycle. After all, if you figure out, self-gratification in physiological actions differs little from having sex with foreplay. Therefore, this method is not suitable for delaying the start of menstruation.

Is it possible to delay monthly for a month or several months and how is it dangerous?

Summing up, let's talk about the possible consequences of artificial delay in menstruation. Immediately, we note that the date of the onset of menstruation, shifted in this cycle, will in the following lead to a longer period of discharge, and the volume of released blood will also increase significantly. The latter fact may cause anemia.

Another terrible consequence of an artificial delay of menstruation for more than a day can be a neurotic process in the uterus, and this threatens to develop cell necrosis and sepsis.

Any intervention in the physiological process occurring in the body, can trigger the emergence of serious diseases, thereforeBefore deciding on such an experiment, weigh the pros and cons.

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