How to create a program?

A computer program is a kind ofa sequence of steps or, in other words, an algorithm for the operation of a computer. This is how the definition of the program looks in the most general form. In order to create a program, you need to know the programming language.

Programming languages

A programming language is called a formala character system that is designed to record computer programs. It is with the choice of the programming language that the creation of any computer program begins.

To date, there are thousands of languagesprogramming, each of which has its own characteristics. Different programming languages ​​are suitable for solving different tasks. And it is not necessary to know all languages ​​to be a good programmer. The main thing is to choose a language based on the tasks.

For example, do not choose a programming languageAssembler, if you plan to create a graphical Windows application (via API calls). It is better not to choose C ++ language for those who create the site. In the Basic language, printer drivers are not written. And HTML is used only for marking documents on the Internet.

If you are just learning to program, then youIt is worth choosing the programming language Visual Basic. This is the most versatile tool. In addition, the study of this language will allow you to learn the basics that will be useful to you and when you move to a more complex programming language.

Difficulties in creating programs

  • Create your first program on the computer youyou can after several hours of learning a programming language. As you study the material, you can add more and more features to your program. Probably not all will be immediately obtained, so you need to be very careful;
  • Most importantly, you must understand that anya more or less serious program assumes that the programmer has enough knowledge and practical experience. Do not think that after reading a couple of tutorials you can develop your own operating system. You, of course, can strive for this, but everything should go gradually;
  • Self-study of something orperfection in some area is hard work. It is very difficult to force yourself to systematically engage in self-development. Therefore, we should set ourselves reasonable tasks and work systematically to implement them;
  • For more effective programming trainingyou can ask for help from specialists in this field. They will not only teach, but also correct your mistakes that you will make while creating your first programs on the computer;
  • If for some reason you can not applyto the services of professionals, use the manuals, self-tutorials and other educational materials that are widely represented on the network. For example, on you can download a lot of useful materials for programming both in general and in Visual Basic language, in particular.

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