How to clean an apartment?

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How to clean an apartment?

Pure dwelling is the dream of every mistress, howevernot everyone can maintain purity. However, there are secrets, thanks to which you can make your desire a reality. Below you will find out how to clean an apartment or house.

Secrets of proper cleaning

When cleaning is a burden and can not be maintainedpurity for a long time, you should think about what you are doing wrong. But you can fix everything, you just need to follow several rules.

Throw out all unnecessary

Begin cleaning with a grandiose revision: this is especially useful if you have to clean the apartment after repair. Reconsider all things and determine their value. Remove unnecessary ones without regret. First of all, you should send old newspapers and magazines to the dump. Next, throw out clothes that you have not worn for more than a year, and gifts that you never found use. Also, you should review your collection of books. Those books that you have not read, as practice shows, are unlikely to be read in the future. Therefore, it is better to take them to the library, and torn or spoiled books - to paper.

Look at the things that are stored in the attic,cabinets, window-sills, balconies and mezzanines. Get rid of this junk, and you will feel that you have become much easier to breathe. Thanks to such an audit, it will be easier for you to be removed later, and the time will be much less for this process.

Arrange things correctly

Many mistresses for interior decorationplace furniture, things, souvenirs and books in an artistic manner. In the end, every week, this all needs to be rearranged to wipe the dust, and the cleaning takes a huge amount of time. But this can be avoided if books and souvenirs are stored in closed cabinets and shelves. Thus, you will have less space for cleaning, and you can finish everything quickly.

This same rule can be attributed to furniture. Put it tightly to each other, and if dust accumulates, then it should be moved every six months.

Divide the cleaning into several stages

Typically, the amount of cleaning to be donefor one day, scares. However, it can be divided into several stages, then everything will look not so intimidating. Moreover, it will be possible to make all work faster.

You can also remove everything gradually, for a fewdays. Start with the most difficult, in your opinion. Usually it takes a lot of time to clean windows and batteries. Try on the first day to deal with this, and in the evening to sort through old newspapers and photos. The next day you should pay attention to the plumbing, wash the floors and dismantle the cabinets. Just do not leave a mirror or a cupboard unwashed: as practice shows, you will not reach this hand within a month. Use cleaning agents for cleaning. They will help you make the job much faster.

Keep house in order

To an apartment or house shine with purity, in themyou need to maintain order. In the end, you will spend much less time cleaning; also it is necessary to accustom all household members to this. Pick up small garbage, put your things on time, wash the dishes after eating, and if you put a stain on the furniture or carpet, take the trouble to remove it immediately. These simple tips for cleaning the apartment will help you keep the cleanliness for a long time, which means that at the weekend you will be able to relax and give time to relatives.

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