How to choose radiators for an apartment or a house?

One of the important links of any heating systemA radiator is installed in the heated space. This device is responsible for comfortable living conditions in an apartment or a private house. Therefore, many consumers are wondering how to choose a radiator for an apartment. In solving this problem, it is necessary to take into account a number of nuances.

Compatibility of the radiator with the heating system

how to choose radiators for an apartment

The modern market offers for sale a huge range of radiators, among them:

  • aluminum;
  • cast iron;
  • bimetallic;
  • Copper.

It is important to determine which battery will fit better into this or that heating system. It is important to take into account technical parameters, among which:

  • heat transfer;
  • permissible coolant temperature;
  • inertia;
  • pressure.

For reference

what radiators to choose for heating an apartment

When buying, consumers pay attention todurability, cost and appearance of the appliance. It is important to consider in which system the battery will be installed. If we are talking about an apartment building, then the system is open, while individual houses are heated using closed systems. If the radiator values ​​do not match the characteristics of the heating system, the device may fail, as it will quickly wear out.

Battery selection by technical parameters

what is the best radiator for an apartment

If you have a question about how to chooseradiator for the apartment, then remember: you should take into account the operational and technical characteristics of the device. Not every battery will be able to undergo the operating conditions of the heat network. If we are talking about a centralized heating system, then it will be characterized by:

  • poor quality of coolant;
  • fluctuations in temperature and pressure.

Design temperature for open single-tubesystem in high-rise buildings is 105 ° C, while the pressure is 10 atmospheres. These parameters are sometimes greater, which is especially true when the system starts after the end of the summer period. Such conditions result in a hydraulic shock, for which some heating appliances are not designed. Before choosing radiators for an apartment, it is important to know what pressure, as well as the temperature of the coolant, is calculated for the device.

Choice of heat transfer

how to choose bimetal radiators for an apartment

Another important factor is heat transfer.This characteristic affects the efficiency of air heating and depends on the material of the structure. Choosing a steel instrument, you can get a lower heat compared to aluminum panels. As for copper, it surpasses cast iron in this matter. However, one should not rely on this parameter alone.

What they say reviews

If you are at a crossroads, and do not know,which radiator to choose for an apartment with a central heating system, pay first attention to what others say in their reviews of these systems.

how to choose an aluminum radiator for an apartment

For example, many believe that by acquiringsteel radiators, they acquire devices that differ insignificant thickness and weight. These batteries are efficient and economical, have good heat transfer and a small amount of water. According to consumers, they are inexpensive, but in the issue of pressure "pumped up". Steel radiators will be able to withstand only 8 atmospheres, which means they are not suitable for apartments.

Aluminum batteries look attractive, theyhave a thermal power of 190 W, which pleases consumers. As the buyers emphasize, hot water with harmful impurities and high acidity can eat batteries from the inside, since aluminum is too active. In addition, this material can not cope with high pressure. Its average index is 16 atmospheres, if a hydrostatic shock occurs, even a new aluminum radiator will fail.

If you have no idea how to choose a radiatorheating for the apartment, then listen to the advice of those property owners who claim that it is worth paying attention to the bimetallic model. This development is one of the latest in the field of heating appliances. When manufacturing, aluminum and steel or copper are used. Such devices are ready to serve for 40 years or more. For a heating system that is installed in an apartment building, such appliances are suitable as best as possible. They are able to withstand 130 ° C, and the working pressure is stated at 50 atmospheres.

Having installed such devices, you can no longer be afraidof hydroblows. The internal and external anticorrosive primer makes the units durable and resistant to destruction. If you still can not decide which radiators to choose for heating an apartment, you should purchase bimetallic ones - they have low weight, provide easy installation, transportation and transportation. However, not every consumer can afford, unfortunately, to buy such an expensive device. If you are offered something similar at an affordable cost - you should not trust, because the market is flooded with fakes. If you buy a bimetallic product, you should pay attention to models of proven brands, among which:

  • Rifar.
  • Sira.
  • Global.

Cast iron radiators for the apartment

what company to choose radiators for an apartment

Such radiators are ready to servemore than 50 years. Some manufacturers urge to forget about such batteries, but in vain. After all, similar devices when in contact with dirty water will behave properly. This metal is chemically passive, it is not afraid of high acidity and the presence of chemical additives in the coolant. In addition, the abrasive will not be able to damage the thick walls. That is why for the heating system of an apartment cast iron will fit perfectly.

Such products keep the heat for a long time,the residual number of its conservation is 30%. If we compare cast-iron batteries with other radiators for this criterion, then the first win. If you are wondering which radiators to choose for heating an apartment, then perhaps it is really worth paying special attention to cast iron, because they work by the principle of the beam method of heat spread. It is much more effective than convection.

Cast iron does not rust when in the summer out of batteriesit will be necessary to drain the water. This feature is a significant plus. The heat transfer of such devices is quite large. In the case of pressure drops that occur during the operation of central heating, cast iron behaves quite adequately. However, the material is not always capable of withstanding high-impact water hammers - in this case, it may lead to brittleness of the walls.

The determining factor for choice is sometimesThe cost, which is much lower in the case of the described models. However, iron radiators are heavy during installation. It is worth mentioning that the weight is due to the impressive thickness of the walls, which provides the necessary strength to the products. If you install cast iron radiators once, you can forget about replacing them for many years.

Conclusions regarding the choice of radiator for an apartment

what radiators to choose for heating the apartment reviews

In conclusion, it can be concluded whichradiator heating is best to choose for an apartment. As practice shows, aluminum and steel models are not capable of withstanding the tests that accompany operation in the conditions of domestic heating systems. Such batteries can not withstand pressure and temperature changes. Only the cast-iron and bimetal instruments remain to be chosen.

What to buy - you can decide by evaluatingbudget, as well as the characteristics of models. However, you can use several tips. If you still do not know which heating radiator is best to choose for an apartment, you should evaluate how old the house in which you live is. If we are talking about "Khrushchev", then it is best to use cast-iron products. For residents of high-rise buildings, where the pressure is higher, it is recommended to purchase bimetal radiators. If earlier in the apartment were installed batteries of cast iron, then the choice can be stopped in either of the two options. However, those who are going to replace the battery from another metal, it is worth buying bimetallic models.

Choice of battery for a private house

As one of the important advantages of the systemThe heating of a private house is favored by low pressure, which is favorable for radiators. Hydrodisks are practically excluded, and if the specifications of the water balance are observed, the list of battery choices becomes quite extensive.

The cheapest radiators are sectionaland panel steel batteries. They have fairly good heat transfer characteristics, perfectly fit in the interior and are compact. At a price tubular radiators are more expensive than sectional and panel radiators. According to the characteristics they are approximately equal, and the extra charge is due to the exquisite appearance.

Tubular radiators are convenient for drying things thatit is important for families with children. Now you know how to choose the right radiator in an apartment. But if you live in a house, you should pay special attention to steel radiators, which are characterized by low oxidizability from water of poor quality, as well as light weight and convenient overall dimensions. The life of such devices is quite long. But radiators made of steel have drawbacks. They are expressed in not very attractive design, the need for washing, as well as the requirements for constant fullness. The last recommendation is due to the fact that the inner walls in the absence of water will rust, and this is capable of "killing" the radiator for only a few years.

Aluminum radiators for a private house

Aluminum radiators are quite commonamong consumers who live in private homes. The popularity of such devices is expressed in high thermal power and modern design. The price depends on the manufacturer. The cheapest models are products of Russian suppliers. But it should be remembered that aluminum radiators are sensitive to fluid parameters. In addition, the batteries have a fairly impressive thermal power, which can cause a drop in temperature in the room. For the heating of a private house, such appliances are well suited. They will last a long time and will provide good heat transfer, if you operate the equipment under special conditions.

Features of the choice of bimetallic radiators

Quite often, modern consumers are askedthe question of how to choose bimetal radiators for an apartment correctly. Such devices are presented for sale in two varieties. The first is made on the basis of a steel frame, whereas the second has channels reinforced with steel.

Better radiators aresteel frame. Their hot water does not come into contact with the aluminum alloy, which excludes corrosion. Such products will not flow. Choosing a specific model, it is important to pay attention to its cost and weight. The heavier the battery, the more expensive it will be. If you are in search of an answer to the question of how to choose a bimetal radiator for an apartment, you should pay attention to the operating conditions. For an apartment of a multi-storey building with a central heating system, a radiator based on a steel frame is best suited. Now you know what to choose bimetal radiators in the apartment. As for the recommendation on the frame, it is especially relevant for a heating system with old pipes.

How to choose an aluminum radiator

You will have to pay a higher price forcast aluminum radiator. All connections in this case are carried out by welding in an inert gas environment. The advantages of such devices are tightness, reliability and the possibility of modification. If you have a question about how to choose an aluminum radiator for an apartment, then you should pay attention to extrusion models. They are cheaper. Among their advantages are:

  • higher heat transfer;
  • smaller inner volume of one section;
  • low price;
  • less mass.

How to choose a cast iron radiator

Not all modern consumers know howchoose cast-iron radiators for the apartment. Import models are more durable and practical in comparison with domestic production options. However, the cost of the latter is much lower. You can compare such heating appliances also from the point of view of the year of production. On sale, you can find batteries that were in use. They are cheaper, but sometimes they require cleaning, which entails additional costs.

Instead of the conclusion: which firm to prefer

If you are concerned with the question of which company to choose the radiators for an apartment, it is worth paying attention, as already mentioned, to such suppliers as Rifar, Global, Sira.

One section of Rifar will cost the consumer 400 rubles.As for the Italian brands, the batteries of their production will be more expensive - here you will have to pay 500 rubles. You can decide on the spot, because firms produce sections with different thermal capacity, design and design. Now you know which radiators to choose for heating the apartment. The feedback we gave in the article should help you learn more about the existing heating appliances on the market.

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