How to adjust the plastic door

November 30, 2010
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How to adjust the plastic doorInformation on how to adjust the PVC doors will be useful to many, as metal-plastic windows and doors are now very popular and are found in almost every home. They are airtight, practical and convenient, but, like all mechanisms, require adjustment from time to time. If you have a warranty on plastic products in the event of a problem, it is better to contact the company that installed the doors. If the warranty period has already ended, the door can be adjusted independently.

In this article, you will learn how to adjust plastic doors at home with a simple hand tool. It should be noted that the hardware of metal-plastic products are produced by different manufacturers and may differ in appearance and designs, but still the adjustment of the doors is usually carried out according to the general principles described below.

Hexagonal keys 2.5, 3, 4 and 5 mm in size are required to regulate the metal-plastic door.You will also need a flat and a Phillips screwdriver.

how to adjust plastic doors

Adjustment of a door is made after its installation. First you need to make sure that the door is mounted stably and securely. It is important that on each side of the door was fastened in four or even five points. But even a perfectly mounted door must be customized. As a rule, the door stroke adjustment is carried out with the help of screws located in the door hinges. Standard hinges usually have 3 hinges (1).

In order to gain access to the tuning screws hidden in the hinges, it is necessary to remove the protective covers, which also perform a decorative function. To do this, open the door as wide as possible (2) and unscrew the locking screw on the back side of the hinges with a 3 mm hex key. Then we close the doors and remove the decorative covers. Under them is the adjustment mechanism (3). Setting the door horizontally produced using a long horizontal screw. Pulling up the screws of the two upper hinges upwards, you can lift the opposite edge of the metal-plastic door; if you adjust all three hinges, the sash can be moved to the left or right.

Sometimes when setting up it is necessary to raise the door leaf or plastic window upwards. For this case, a separate screw (4) is provided at the bottom of each hinge, which is regulated by a 5 mm hex key.

Adjusting the counter strips (top and bottom) are also made using hex keys (2.5 mm) and in some cases you will need a flat screwdriver (5).

The main locking bar located in the middle can be adjusted with a cross-head screwdriver (6).

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