How many serve in the army of Russia 2018 - 2019

Depending on the nature of the troops, the question: “how many serve in the army of Russia 2018 - 2019” can be answered: from one year or more. For example, contract servicemen can vary their term of service from two years.


The latest news about the call

Traditionally, conscription in Russia is held twice a year. The first call this year started in April and will last until mid-summer (the autumn call is October-December). It is planned to recruit about 128 thousand young people aged from 18 to 27 years. The corresponding order was signed by President Vladimir Putin on March 30 of the current year.

How many serve in the army of Russia 2018 - 2019

128 thousand people - this is not the highest figure. For example, a year ago at the same time there were 142 thousand recruits, and last fall - 136 thousand people. It is noted that this appeal can get about three thousand guys, who were previously screened out to the reserve. This is due to the fact that some of them could improve their health, and the December changes to the law allow them to re-pass a medical commission for military service.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces explains the reduction in the number of recruits by an increase in the number of professional contract employees, for whom it does not matter how many years they will give to the army, since this is a conscious choice.

Who should be deferred from the army Not passed medical commission
Fathers who have one child and expect a second (gestation period of at least 26 weeks)

At the same time, there are a number of regions where young people are called only once a year:

  • Komi Republic;
  • Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District;
  • a number of municipalities in the Kamchatka, Perm, Krasnoyarsk Territories, as well as in the Sakhalin, Irkutsk, Magadan and Amur regions.

The General Staff explains that recruits from these places who wish to do military service can register in another region of the country.

According to the latest news, in mid-May a hotline was opened, where draftees and their parents can get comprehensive information about their military service. Also, the duties of the officers include the response and decision-making on problematic issues that may arise during the passage of the medical board or in commissariats.

How many serve in the army of Russia 2018 - 2019. The latest news

How many serve in the fleet and under the contract

While the spring call is far from completion, the regions are already reporting success. Thus, in the Krasnodar Territory, there is a large influx of people who want to serve in the Airborne Forces.

“We don’t run for conscripts - the Cossack region, many come themselves. There are many people who want to, someone goes right after school, ”says Sergey Karlyug, head of the department for organizing and conducting the draft of the military commissariat of the Krasnodar Territory. At the same time, he notes that those wishing to complete service under the contract each time increases. In total, it is planned to call in the region six thousand young people.

And in the city of Cherepovets, it is planned to recruit only 330 people, of whom 17 guys have already gone to serve in conscription in the Preobrazhensky, Presidential and Semenovsky regiments.

“All draftees go to serve in the capital, everyone has an A1 category. Everyone goes to elite units, ”said Sergey Bernikov, who is the military commissar of Cherepovets and Cherepovets district.

Often, draftees are left to serve in their military district, but in a different region. For example, in Primorye, about half of the draftees will stay at home and will most likely serve in the navy, the rest will go to other regions - the Transbaikalia and the Khabarovsk Territory.

Important! In Primorye, about 70-75% of conscripts are sent to land forces, 15-17% - the navy, and up to 7% - aerospace troops.

If earlier the service life was two years, then in 2008 it was reduced to 12 months. As for the citizens who have signed the contract for the first time, they will serve from two years and more, depending on conditions. According to statistics, young people are not interested in serving in the army, but in the benefits that are offered to them - social guarantees and the possibility of providing service housing, which is especially important for young families.

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