How does the slimy plug look when she moved away?

Every pregnant woman who has gone to bed last days wants to know exactly what a slimy plug looks like.

How can I find out?

The reasons for this are clear: she is one of the harbingers of birth. It is believed that the cork goes away just before the fights begin. True, this term can vary from 3 weeks to several days. But for the future mother in any case, this event signals that she will soon see the baby. And this moment she is waiting for the 9th month with impatience.How does the slimy plug look?

If you do not know what the slimy plug looks like,to understand that it is she who is before you, is not so simple. After all, this harbinger can come out in parts. Then the woman simply will note that she has a little more excretions. And they will have a slightly different character than before. Mucus will be denser, sometimes it will come across red streaks. A careful woman, of course, will certainly pay attention to this. But it can happen when she is in the shower ...

Jellyfish or jelly?

The appearance in the plug of streaks that containblood, a woman should not frighten. It is explained by the processes that occur in the cervix. Organ closer to childbirth is slightly opened and becomes shorter, respectively, small sosudiki can burst. Such gaps could occur throughout the 9 months.How the slimy tube looks

If this forerunner departs entirely, thenmiss it is almost impossible, because a woman pays a lot of attention to personal hygiene. How does the slimy plug look? It is a lump of mucus, the color of which can range from very light to brown. Mom, who saw her with their own eyes, can share their impressions. Someone says that it looks like a jellyfish, others look more like jelly in consistency.

How does the slimy plug look? Her photos, of course, are not very aesthetic, but some of the pregnant women share them, so that others can see what it is. These pictures show that it does not take much space. Its volume is not more than two tablespoons. The plug fades off painlessly, because for a future mother, its appearance always becomes a surprise. True, the reaction of the majority is fright, because deep down inside everyone is afraid of a different kind of pathology.

Each has its own traffic jam

Mucous plug as it looks

Many pregnant women are wondering why the cork,which so tenaciously held on to the cervix, now easily left its habitat? The fact that a pregnant woman is closer to birth is changing the hormonal background - progesterone, which helps to maintain pregnancy, becomes less. But the level of estrogen increases - it causes softening of the cervix. As a result, viscous mucus is made more liquid and comes out.

To clearly imagine what it looks likemucous plug, you need to understand how and for what it is formed. Its meaning is to lock the cervix to protect the fetus from infections. Mucus for clogging the canal begins to form from the very beginning of pregnancy. Almost the same process occurs in the nose: to protect against microbes, it needs to allocate a viscous liquid.

With the extension of the "interesting position"the cork itself is growing. During this time in the body of a woman there is a lot of changes and, I must say, that all of them are reflected in its appearance. That's why every mother has her own special mucous plug. As she looks, it is determined only by her body. For example, if a woman has often torn small capillaries during pregnancy, the plug will be pink or even dark brown in color. In this case, standing out in parts, it will give the impression of starting monthly.

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