How can I speed up my computer?

Over time, the performance of any, even the mostfast and modern computers is reduced. The computer purchased last year, after installing numerous programs and filling the space on the hard disk will no longer cause the initial admiration. The performance of the computer is reduced gradually and at one point it becomes impossible to work on it. Let's talk about how to speed up the computer and increase its performance.

Troubleshoot performance issues

This tool is able to automatically find andtroubleshoot. It scans parameters that can cause slow computer operation. For example, the number of running programs or the number of users who are in the system. To open the Performance Troubleshooter, click the Start button and select Troubleshoot. Then find the System and Security section and select Search for performance problems.

Defragment your hard drive

With a high degree of fragmentation, the files are hardthe drive performs additional actions, and this slows down the computer. When a disk is defragmented, the fragmented data is ordered. Starting the defragmentation of the hard disk occurs on a schedule, but this process can be easily performed manually.

Uninstalling unused programs

Often the manufacturer equips the computerprograms that the buyer will never use. These include trial versions of programs that have limited circulation. Companies believe that after acquaintance with the software the buyer will find it useful and buy a full or newer version. Even in the case of non-use of such programs, the computer's performance slows down due to the consumption of valuable memory, disk space and processing power. Programs that you do not plan to use should be deleted.

Cleaning the Hard Drive

Computer slowdown may occurbecause of the large number of unused files. Using the Disk Cleanup program, you can delete temporary files, empty the Recycle Bin, and delete many system files and various unused items.

Removing viruses and spyware

It happens that a slow computeris infected with a virus or spyware. This situation is rare, but it should be taken into account. To ensure the computer security, you need to check it with anti-spyware or anti-virus software. The most common sign of the presence of the virus is the reduced performance of the computer. Also to other attributes it is possible to carry various unexpectedly pop-up messages, automatically working programs and unusual sounds, published by a hard disk.

Disable visual effects

How to speed up your computer - XP? If you are running Windows for a slower performance, you should disable some of the visual effects. Each user has the ability to select the visual effects that need to be turned off. For example, the effect of transparent glass, the presence of shadows, ways to open and close the menu.


This is a very simple advice to the question of howspeed up the computer. If you frequently use a computer, restart it at least once a week. When the computer restarts, its memory is effectively cleared, and the work of all the failed processes and services is completely terminated. During the restart, all the software running on your computer is closed: in addition to the programs displayed on the taskbar, services that are launched by various programs and never stop are closed. Thanks to the restart, the obscure performance problems are eliminated, the reason of which is difficult to determine.

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