How and with what to drink beer correctly?

Beer - a very ancient drink. We are so used to it that sometimes we even forget that there are certain rules related to its consumption and storage. Therefore, we will talk about how and with what to drink beer. Perhaps, this information will allow to take a fresh look at the drink and discover its other sides.with which to drink beer

How to drink beer? We drink beer correctly!

We will not argue about whether it is useful or harmfulThis is the oldest drink that is loved all over the world. This we leave to the discretion of doctors, remembering that everything should be in moderation. Let's figure out what to drink beer, so that its taste does not interrupt, but complemented. Our goal is to achieve bliss. Before telling the reader what is the best way to drink beer, we will focus on another. Namely, the rules of consumption of this foamy miracle. So, how to drink beer correctly?

  • The optimum temperature of the drink should be 5-10 degrees Celsius above zero. No more, no less.
  • The right dishes. Czechs, recognized masters of brewing and consumption, are advised to use for this purpose mugs, glasses or glasses. The dishes can be taken from any material, except for plastic and metal. The main thing is that the vessel should narrow to the top, and the surface inside must necessarily be smooth.
  • Pour correctly. Drink should be poured into the center of the vessel from a height of 2.5 cm above its edge. Fill the glass up to three quarters of the height after the foam settles.
  • Do not mix an amber drink with other beers.

 how to drink beer correctly

  • Do not pour from one container to another or shake.
  • To get a magnificent foam, the dishes should be perfectly clean.
  • A vessel with an amber drink is emptied into three sips: for the first drink half, for the second half of the remaining half, and for the third - all the rest.
  • It is right to choose a snack (with what to drink beer, we will tell further).
  • The taste receptors that distinguish the taste of beer are located at the root of the tongue, so during the tasting it is necessary to use the back wall of the oral cavity.
  • Store the foam stand at a temperature of three to eight degrees Celsius in a dry room. Bottles should be placed vertically and try not to touch the cork.

Ready-made snacks

So, about how to properly drink beer and store ithim, we talked. Now about the most interesting - about snacks. Today there is a huge number of different delicacies, which are served to a pen. They can be bought ready in any supermarket or prepared by yourself.

 what is the best way to drink beer

Here are the most popular of them:

  • fish, dried, smoked or dried;
  • crackers;
  • chips, snacks, corn sticks;
  • sharp bread products, cookies;
  • peanuts, pistachios, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds;
  • cheeses;
  • sausages and meat delicacies;
  • seafood (squid, shrimp, crawfish);
  • chicken wings, tobacco chicken.

Cooking ourselves

And what can you drink beer with? If you are going to have an unforgettable party with a foamy drink, a small home Oktoberfest, then you can not do without buying snacks. Of course, you can put all this on the table, and get a real cocktail reception. But it will be better if you put in the event part of your soul and culinary skills. We picked up quick and simple recipes, which will greatly help.

how to drink beer drink beer correctly

  • Toast. Dense bread cut into small pieces, grease with melted butter or vegetable oil and fry in a dry frying pan. At the end of cooking, salt and pepper to taste, squeeze through the garlic press.
  • Cheese puffs. We need a ready-made puff pastry, which needs to be rolled out and cut into batch boxes. For each piece put a bar of cheese, wrap and bake in the oven for 25 minutes.
  • Garlic loaf. We cut the loaf of accordion without cutting it to the end. In pockets we lay a mixture of grated hard cheese, chopped greens to taste, butter and finely chopped garlic. Cook in the oven for about twenty minutes, wrapped in foil, and then another five minutes without it.

Instead of an afterword

If there is time and desire, you can cookmore complex dishes. For example, tartlets or canapes made of cheese or fish, meat rolls, shrimp in bacon, pizza, roast lamb or pork, salad. The main thing is to cook dishes with a good mood, with him to serve them. Then the fun will turn out well, which means that you did everything right.

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