Hot forging metal

When you need to change the shape of the metal resort to hot processing. With the help of high temperatures, the heated metal is amenable to change shape without destruction. Such metal processing was called hot metal forging.

This method of metal deformation is carried out at a temperature of from 800 to 1200 degrees. At such temperatures, the material becomes plastic and is easy to artistic processing. With the help of tools or a special hammer, the necessary parts of the product are formed in accordance with the approved sketch.

Hot forging metal is a difficult and time-consuming process that requires an appropriate level of skill from a blacksmith, his experience and patience. This is a very interesting and giving great opportunity in the field of design process. This method of manufacturing products is individual and unique. It is for this, and also for the manual labor of the master, that artistic metal products are highly valued.

Through this method, truly beautiful products are obtained. This includes gates, railings, fences, outdoor benches and gazebos, and even a set for the fireplace forged.

Along with hot working, there is a second alternative way to affect the metal - the method of cold forging. For this method of processing is characterized by mass production. Human presence is necessary to control machine tools and production machines. The manual labor of the master, although also possible. There is such a thing as hand cold forging. But you should know that these methods are similar only in the name. Manually bending cold metal is possible only if it is very thin. And, of course, the price because of this varies greatly. Products created by this method are more accessible to buyers. Cold forging is used for both mass production and budget orders, where the main factor is the cost of the product. This is a very convenient and suitable option for arranging public areas, state municipal institutions and other urban facilities. It can also be very attractive products. But the real works of art are created precisely at hot temperatures. This method allows plenty of fantasy to roam. It can be used to decorate private houses as well as to decorate the city center, cultural objects, halls and assemblies, museums and exhibition complexes.

Connoisseurs of artistic forging will definitely choose the method of exposure to high temperatures. Then the product will amaze everyone with its elegance and individuality.

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