Horoscope for Dogs for 2018: woman and man

According to oriental signs, if a stray dog ​​comes to the house, then, along with it, it brings good luck for all members of the household. Therefore, the owners often leave her to live at home, considering the symbol of well-being and fortune. In 2018, February 16, our four-legged friend will come to every home throughout the world.

The Yellow Earth Dog will remain with us until February 4, 2019, will be a good patron and reliable protector for all signs of the eastern horoscope.

How will people born in the Year of the Dogs feel, what awaits them, what to prepare for and what to fear? Details about everything will tell the horoscope for Dogs for 2018.

Born in the year of the Dogs

Above all praise

A child born in the Year of the Dog is happiness for the whole family, including distant relatives. In childhood, they are precocious and intelligent, they take everything very seriously. These young adults always have their own opinion, they are aware of all the events in the family, they worry and are interested in the lives of their relatives, even distant ones, if they are familiar with them.They show a special attitude to traditions and kinship as early as in childhood.

Growing up, Dogs are much easier to relate to the life of their environment. They are certainly sympathetic and caring, but they do not take everything so seriously, show more humor, good irony. Whoever and with what request has not appealed to them, they will rush to help, sometimes without even realizing their capabilities and not counting the strength. They like to be useful to people.

horoscope for 2018 for a dog woman

Dogs have a strong sense of duty. Parents of them are wonderful. They are able to moderately take care of their children, support, protect, teach a lot, bring up strong and noble personalities. In relation to their parents, they can be set as an example.

Dogs show great care, gratitude and respect for the older generation, attract into their lives, never leave alone.

People of this sign are the most loyal friends who have enough courage to tell the truth, and at the same time they know how to be tactful and gentle. They can be entrusted with the most intimate secrets, ask to participate in secret affairs and be absolutely confident in their reliability.

According to the Chinese horoscope, Dogs are the most fair and humane of all signs. They can sacrifice themselves for the sake of another person. Money and power for them always occupy the last place. The most important thing is to bring benefits to people.

Weaknesses big and small

2018 year yellow earth dog horoscope

If there are periods of silence in life, the dogs become lazy. They can laze around for days, sleep, lie on the couch, at best reading a book. But, at the same time, they keep their ears open, and as soon as they feel the approach of events, they instantly come to alert.

It may seem surprising, but cheerful dogs are prone to pessimism. The reason for this paradox is excessive worry and anxiety. They endlessly present danger and bad situations. Therefore, constant tension and willingness to act sometimes depletes their nervous system.

People of the Year Dogs do a lot of good deeds. It happens that some of them begin to get carried away by their own importance and become arrogant. In this state, they are not long. As soon as an event occurs in their lives that requires a lot of energy, this hype disappears.

dog horoscope sign

If the Dog feels that he is not trusted or neglected, he can be rude. Also for people of this sign dangerous state of panic and fear. The dog can lose self-control, show aggression and even reach rabies.

“The decision has been made and is not subject to discussion!”, This is how the Dog will react to an attempt to make corrections in its action plan. If she considers herself right, she has an established opinion, it is impossible to convince her.

Another weak point of this sign is hypertrophied self-esteem. To those who touch the Dog with condemnation or disrespect, she will not only show her teeth, but also arrange a real jerk. And even if she has her own impression of a person, there is no chance to change him.

Horoscope for woman-dogs for 2018

eastern horoscope 2018

Woman A dog is woven from beautiful combinations of noble and somewhat contradictory qualities of character. She is modest, even shy and at the same time initiative and proud. Perfectly controls his life and leads people, but he does not accept submission, except perhaps because of great love.

Career horoscope

Women of this sign are waiting for change in 2018.Those who worked at home and was considered a housewife will be invited to work, and those who worked conscientiously at a company or enterprise will be promoted. The dog is an excellent leader, so these changes will be positive and successful.

You never give special value to money, because large sums are rarely found in your wallet. This year the situation has changed. You will attract money in a surprising way. They will come from different sources, in such quantities that you can secure a carefree few years.

Love horoscope

horoscope for 2018 for the dog men

Woman Dog is not easy to find a life partner. She is sincere, faithful, caring and hardworking in relationships. From his man requires the same. But if the Dog met its half, then it will be true love for many years.

Family is the most important thing in the lives of women dogs, and nepotism is one of the main characteristics of the Yellow Dog. This explains why 2018 will be a happy period in your personal life. A tumultuous romance will end the wedding. Couples will get long-awaited offspring this year.

Health horoscope

Monitoring their health and appearance is common for women of this sign. They are disciplined, because they are always in shape, they go to a doctor in time, they adhere to proper nutrition.

eastern horoscope dog

And yet, in 2018, which is full of joyful and happy events, the women of the Dog will allow themselves to relax and succumb to weaknesses, in most cases not their own.

The horoscope for 2018 draws the attention of lovely ladies to such moments:

  • Should restrain himself in the use of sweet. This is not your product, even if a thin girlfriend eats candy in tons.
  • Exercise regularly, even if your loved one is gently hugging you, saying: "Today is Sunday ...".
  • Pay attention to the state of the immune system, and to avoid colds, often go out in the fresh air, even if your strict boss asks you to take an important job for the weekend.

Horoscope for the man-dogs for 2018

Chinese horoscope dog

Career horoscope

Accurate hitting the target promises men horoscope for 2018. In business, you would not hesitate to choose the most successful project. Of the several job offers, take the most promising.

This year, the men of the Dog sign expect pleasant news in the financial sphere. Money will be easily given to you, coming unexpectedly, through inheritance and return of debts with good interest. Your work of several years will not only be appreciated, but also generously rewarded. Current activities will comply with the formula of 20% of costs = 80% of profits.

Love horoscope

dog horoscope sign

Active in all spheres of life, Men-Dogs, in personal relationships, manifest themselves in a completely different way, especially at the beginning of the novel. They look at their sympathy for a long time, ponder, weigh.

Therefore, the horoscope for 2018 gives the most valuable advice to women who like men of this sign:

  • Do not wait, act yourself.
  • Show concern for your chosen one, show that you are ready to be faithful to him in joy and in grief.
  • Become for him not only a desirable woman, but also a devoted friend.

Yellow Dog intends to create a family this year, so that in the end a man will make you an offer and will happily head your young family.

From this advice-forecast to you men, it should be clear that in the year of the Yellow Dog your bachelor life will end.

Health horoscope

love horoscope for 2018 dog

Your health is nothing but overwork, this year is not threatened. So you just have to include the rest in the list of urgent matters.

In the year of the Dog it is better not to go far from home. Other countries you already visit on business trips. For a holiday, the native landscape and climate will be ideal. Go out of town with friends, family, with the woman he loves, but by no means alone.

Pleasant communication, attention and care about you will have the most beneficial effect and rejuvenate.

In order for the Yellow Dog to become your friend and ally for the whole of 2018, you must meet its tastes and requirements. People of the year Dogs it will be easy and simple. After all, they are the most of all signs are like a symbol of the year. So take this opportunity. The next opportunity to stay in pets will be only after 12 years.

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