Horoscope for 2019 on the Tarot cards

Tarot Mystery Cards are a very accurate oracle that allows you to predict future events. In the deck, secret signs are encrypted; not everyone can see and interpret them.

This is an ancient skill that requires not only the gift of clairvoyance, but also deep knowledge in various fields - from philosophy to psychology.

There are a lot of tarot cards, but now, on the eve of the coming year, we are only interested in those who can shed light on the next 12 months.

The annual alignment allows you to create a detailed Tarot horoscope for 2019. Older Arcana open the veil of secrets, sometimes obviously, and sometimes rather ambiguously. This is not surprising, because someone's defeat for another person will result in victory.

According to the fortunes of the leading esotericists of the country, in the horoscope of the Tarot there was practically no card of Death. This means that the 19th year will not be a turning point, and will appear rather calm. No serious and momentous changes are yet to be expected, but you can’t call it smooth either. The “Wheel of Fate” card best describes the year 2019.

We are waiting for ups and downs; setbacks, but also a quick return of the favors of Fortune after them. The wheel will go through each person, and, judging by the location of the Junior Arcana around the map, his whirlwind will relate to the monetary sphere and career. It is in these areas that changes are possible, and most likely - repeated.

To clearly understand what awaits each of us in the near future, let's look at the testimony of magic cards in the hands of money, love, career and health.

Finance in 2019

Younger Arcana, fallen into divination, reported that this year many people will have the opportunity to make good money. Improving your financial condition will be easier than at any other time. The main thing is not to miss the opportunity, having doubted in their abilities.

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A distraction from the earnings factor will be the family, which during your pursuit of money will be deprived of attention.

Unfortunately, fate puts you in front of a choice: to receive a financial bonus and then restore shaky relationships with households, or else to remain an exemplary family man and not (substantially) replenish your bank account.

Pentakley cards also point to the risk of quickly squander the money you’ve got.Be careful: the next chance to make good money in a short time will not appear soon; better save money or invest it in a profitable business.

Love relationship

horoscope on tarot cards 2019

On the affairs of the heart will tell us the location of the card suit Cup. Cards do not fall in the most favorable way. In the coming year will have to maneuver between personal and practical.

Successes in work will eclipse love, which will lead to complications in already established couples. However, the situation will not be so critical, if you wish, you can quickly return the location of loved ones.

It is very important to be reconciled not with the help of expensive gifts, but through emotional conversations and romantic deeds - that is, not to remind your beloved half of your recent nights at work.

Lonely hearts fall soon gain personal happiness. The fateful meeting may surprise you.

tarot love horoscope for 2019

There is a high probability that women will love a person they have known for a long time, whom they had not even thought of pinning love hopes. A colleague, a neighbor, a stranger, whom you often meet in your favorite cafe - you look at some of them this year with different eyes.

The situation is similar for men: their heart will open to an old friend. The main thing is not to miss that modest sign of attention from the object of future passion, which will indicate its (its) location to you.

Career horoscope

Horoscope for 2019 indicates that this period will be successful for career growth. You'll have to sweat, but visible approval from the management will give you the strength to maintain the pace you have taken at the beginning of the year.

It is now easier to reach heights than ever, so make maximum efforts, and the opportunity to rest will appear a little later.

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Do not give up if your efforts do not notice immediately, just continue to move towards the intended goal.

Most likely, the indifference of the authorities to your zeal will be caused by dishonest actions on the part of colleagues - someone will try to appropriate your work. Do not step on the warpath yourself. The deception will be revealed without your intervention, and your good name will not be stained with scandal.

One of the Minor Arcana also reports on the possibility of sudden changes. New work falls primarily to those who do not think about changing places. Profitable job turn up unexpectedly.This event is from the category of "go with a friend for an interview as a support, and get a position."

If something like this happens to you, agree, and with a light heart go to the new team: this will have a positive effect on your finances, and, in the future, on your mental state.


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Sword cards in the chart indicate a negative state of your health. The opportunity to earn and move up the career ladder pulls the need to work hard. Such zeal, in the first place, will affect the health of the nervous system.

Stress will exacerbate chronic diseases, and lead to unpleasant vegetative manifestations of overexertion - headaches, insomnia, mood swings, small hormonal disruptions.

In order not to undermine the health of the final, interrupt working activities on a full-fledged wellness vacation. During the year, take vitamins and take time to the sport - at least for morning exercises.

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