Horoscope for 2018 for Leo

characteristics of a lionAt any party, Leo is not difficult to recognize - a regal shine and gloss, which he radiates with enviable pride to everyone around, it is impossible not to notice. The sign gives a lot of time to its appearance, for beautiful clothes and self-care is ready to spend the last savings. This is not a homebody, the thirst for universal attention encourages him to spend more time on people. Leo does not consider himself better than others, while he firmly believes that many will envy his knowledge and experience. An amateur to give advice is experiencing real bliss when others ask him questions. However, in most cases, the sign unceremoniously teaches everyone and everywhere, what causes irritation. He takes criticism in his address extremely painfully, for a long time he has an insult. Duty compliment, simple recognition of merit and rough flattery inspire him. In business, Leo has an outstanding grip and talent of the organizer - this is an excellent leader. He is a maximalist, neither in work, nor in friendship, nor in love does he want to see measures. It is better to have such a person as a friend than as an enemy — in a righteous rage it is no less difficult for him to stay than in the manifestation of sympathy.What does the sign of the Earth Dog foreshadow? Will tell the horoscope for 2018 for Leo.

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