HIV - is it treated at an early stage? Is HIV treated completely?

HIV infection is a viraldisease. Do not confuse it with AIDS - (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome). However, although these are different concepts, they are inextricably linked, since AIDS is the final and most severe stage of infection.

What is HIV infection?

It got its name in honor of the pathogen -human immunodeficiency virus. The action of this retrovirus is directed at the human immune system, due to which characteristic symptoms and conditions appear. The disease is anthroponous, that is, it is transmitted only from person to person, and not every contact with the infected is dangerous. With tactile interactions, kisses can not transmit HIV. It is difficult to say whether this disease is treated. Scientists for many years are engaged in solving this problem, but the way to complete release from the virus at the moment is not invented. It is possible to conduct maintenance therapy, which will stop the development of the disease and will not allow him to go into AIDS for many years. This significantly prolongs the life of the patient, but it still remains the source of infection.

Is vich completely treated?


The immunodeficiency virus is transmitted directlyfrom person to person, and the ways of its spread are different. First of all, the way to get infected with HIV is to call sexual contact. The maximum amount of the virus is contained not only in the blood, but also in semen and vaginal secretions. Unprotected intercourse makes the risk of infection quite high, although there are data that a single coitus leads to the introduction of the virus into the body only in rare cases. The probability of infection increases many times in the presence of microdamages on the skin and mucous membranes. It is these small injuries that are the gateway to infection. Both men and women are susceptible to the virus, while sexual orientation of partners does not play a role, as HIV is transmitted and under homosexual contacts.

On the second place - contact with bloodinfected person. Most often in this way, drug addicts become infected when using one syringe with an infected one. It is possible to enter the infection into the body and with careless handling of medical instruments. Thus, a health worker can contract HIV from a patient. Previously, cases of transfusion of infected blood to patients were quite common. At the moment, strict measures of checking donors and holding the donor blood for 5 months with subsequent testing for virus presence have been introduced. This significantly reduced the probability of transmission of infection during transfusion, but sometimes such cases, unfortunately, occur.

vich - whether it is treated

Another way is to infect the child from the mother. It is possible to transmit the virus both during the fetal gestation and during breastfeeding. However, if the mother knows that she has HIV, special treatment and refusal to breastfeed, avoid infection of the child.

What if the contact with the virus still occurred? Next, it will be considered whether HIV is treated early.

What happens when a virus enters the body?

A careful study of pathogenesis enabled us to answerto the main question about HIV - is the infection treated? The pernicious effect of the causative virus is associated with its effect on T-helpers - cells that are directly involved in the formation of an immune response. HIV causes a programmed death of these cells, which is called apoptosis. Rapid reproduction of the virus speeds up this process, as a result the number of T-helpers is reduced to such a level that the immune system becomes unable to perform its basic function of protecting the body.

Is vich treated early

Is HIV-infection treated?

Therapy conducted in HIV-infected people,is aimed only at reducing the reproduction of the virus and prolonging life. Patients can lead a full life due to the influence of special drugs on the process of HIV reproduction. Is the pathology treated at any stage? Unfortunately no.

Infected people are forced throughout theto take the strongest antiretroviral drugs. This is the only way to avoid a rapid transition to the terminal stage - AIDS. At the same time, the treatment plan should change periodically, as long-term use of some drugs leads to mutation of the virus, as a result of which it becomes resistant to them. The solution of the problem is the periodic replacement of medicines.

Is HIV treated

Addition to medicamental treatment is a healthy way of life. Patients are recommended to abandon bad habits, play sports and eat right.


In general, it is unfavorable. Do not forget the answer to the question: "Is HIV treated completely?". This is an incurable disease, which requires constant maintenance therapy. However, the development of pharmacology and medical technology can prolong the life of such patients and even gives them the opportunity to have children.

Emergency prevention

The question is urgent: is HIV treated in the early stages? All people, especially medical workers, should be informed that infection can be prevented at the initial stage. Any contact with a suspicious biological fluid (blood, sperm and vaginal secret) requires immediate emergency prevention, which means a short-term intake of antiviral drugs to prevent infection. It is conducted in specialized medical centers, but from the moment of penetration of HIV into the blood should not take more than 24 hours.

Is HIV treatment treated?

How not to get infected?

In order to answer this question, one shouldremember the main ways of transmission. First of all, unsafe unprotected sex is dangerous. You should be careful when choosing a partner, which will reduce the risk of infection to a minimum. Medical workers to prevent infection should comply with the rules for handling tools and biological fluids. And one more measure of reducing the risk of HIV transmission is the prevention of drug addiction. People need to know if HIV infection is cured. This will force them to take all necessary measures not to become infected with this terrible disease.

Pregnancy and HIV

Infection can be transmitted from mother to child,However, this can be avoided if the woman is informed of her HIV status. Is the disease treated in a child? Carrying out antiretroviral therapy for certain periods of pregnancy can avoid infection of the baby. In addition, after birth, these drugs are prescribed and the child for a certain period of time. However, one should not forget that the infection can be transmitted with breast milk. The child should only eat artificial milk formula.

Is vich treated early

HIV infection is a dangerous disease, sohow, despite ongoing treatment, the patient is the source of HIV throughout life. However, you should not completely avoid contact with such a person, making him an outcast, because this is a full member of society. The virus is not transmitted through touching, kissing, clothing; airborne droplets are also excluded. You just have to avoid sexual intercourse and contact with blood.

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