Haircuts for medium hair in 2019

Fashion trends

According to stylists, the average hair length is the best option for creating trendy haircuts. It is this length of curls that look aesthetically and feminine that provides unlimited opportunities to realize the main condition of fashion trends - style and emphasized personality. The emphasis of a beautiful modern haircut can be made on captivating femininity, daring creativity or strict classics, in any case, the hairstyle will look fresh and unique.

There are also a great variety of hairstyles for medium hair - from elegant bunches and fancy weaving to glamorous Hollywood waves and mischievous bold curls.

All fashionable haircuts medium lengthAll fashionable haircuts medium length
Average haircut length for blonde hairAverage haircut length for blonde hair
Youth haircuts 2018-2019 yearsYouth haircuts 2018-2019 years
Haircut for dark and blond hairHaircut for dark and blond hair

The main trend of the beauty industry in 2019 is naturalness, which affects women's haircuts, hairstyles, styling:

  • The natural volume, achieved by the feature of stepped haircuts, thinning, but not in any way in a babette style.
  • Easy carelessness in styling, which is sometimes not easy to achieve.
  • Asymmetry, which can be both the basis of fashionable haircuts, and in the form of individual details.
  • Creative in the form of shaved temples, neck or tattoo. Coupled with kare bold haircut looks amazing.
  • Side parting, thick bangs, graduations were relevant in 2018, but will not lose strong positions in the coming year.
Easy negligence in hairstyle fashion 2018-2019 yearShaved whiskey - trend 2019Step haircut 2019

A variety of creative decisions of stylists are embodied in the new reading of the usual haircuts, put emphasis on the features of the image, favorably emphasizing its dignity. Fashion does not insist on a cardinal change of image, but to make fresh notes in the usual hairstyle never hurts. In 2019, a bean modification, a non-standard approach to a bob, an unexpected embodiment of layered steep haircuts, as well as current types of coloring are welcome:

  • ombre;
  • balayazh;
  • eye of the Tiger;
  • coloring
Fashionable highlights 2018-2019 yearFashionable highlights 2018-2019 year
Unusual haircuts in 2019Unusual haircuts in 2019
Pixel staining trend 2019Pixel staining trend 2019
Fashionable hair dye 2018-2019 yearFashionable hair dye 2018-2019 year

We can safely say that in the charts of haircuts for medium hair bob takes the first place. Following the example of celebrity - Selena Gomez, Katti Perry, Miranda Kerr, the girls part with long curls without any regret. In 2019, the usual bob transformed ultra-long - long bob.

Elongated bob fashion 2019Trendy Long BeanStylish bob with long bangs

Stylists predict an increase in the popularity of bob-cut hairstyle, a feature of which is asymmetry and lengthening to the face.The advantage of the hair is that it looks neat for at least 2-3 months after the haircut. In this case, the important point is the correct selection of degree of elongation and shape. It looks best on girls with high cheekbones. The owner of a narrow face, it is suitable only if her hair is thick and voluminous.

Bob is good for its versatility. It is suitable for almost all girls, with any type of face and provides a wide choice for experiments with styling. The average length allows you to create both graphic Hollywood curls and negligent beach waves on your hair, and the way a bob looks like a balusage, pixel coloring or ombre doesn’t have any equal.

Classic Bean 2019Classic Bean 2019
Stylish bob not red hairStylish bob not red hair
Bob haircut 2019Bob haircut 2019
Creative Bean - Fashion 2019Creative Bean - Fashion 2019

Caret and its variations

Do not lose relevance straight caret with parted part and elongated bangs. Such a haircut makes a woman fresher and younger and distracts attention from some of the flaws in appearance, for example, a long nose. In addition, it is easy to lay, because it keeps its shape perfectly. However, it cannot be called universal, as it does not suit women with a narrow elongated oval face, making it even narrower.

Fashion car with bangsFashionable square with parting

Another fashionable version of the car - extended with straight parting.The haircut is usually chosen by girls who are eager for changes in the image and grow their hair. It will look good on an oval and round face, as it emphasizes the visual grace of the exterior. A small clarification: instead of direct parting, chubby girls are better to use oblique.

A short square with a straight cut line and oblique chelochka ideal for the owner of an oval face. Haircut looks great on both wavy and straight hair. Accented highlights or colored strands will emphasize the stylish effect.

Grooming for 2019Grooming for 2019
Stylish Car - Trend 2019Stylish Car - Trend 2019
Classic square with partedClassic square with parted
Fashionable car of 2018-2019Fashionable car of 2018-2019


A clearly structured ladder near the face looks spectacular and fashionable on long hair and on curls of medium length. Particularly popular are cascading layered haircuts with a ladder, starting from the bang itself, as they allow you to adjust the shape of the face, visually reduce the cheeks or, on the contrary, add volume under the cheekbones.

Another basic variant of the cascade for medium hair can be considered a haircut with the addition of bangs. It looks especially good on curly and curly melirovanny hair. Long bangs create a stylish graphic silhouette, add volume to thin hair, make thicker curls more obedient,and side parting brings charm and individuality to the image.

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