Good wishes for World Customs Day

Good day! All the customs officers of the world every day, standing at their posts, fight against smugglers, those who illegally cross the borders of states and transport stolen goods. They ensure order at the border, monitor compliance with the legal import and export of goods. Representatives of international customs offices celebrate their deserved holiday on January 26th. This is a kind of respect for customs services around the world, which make a great contribution to the development of the state.

The history of the holiday has its roots in 1953. This year, on January 26, the predecessor of modern customs, the Council for Customs Cooperation, was formed. Since 1944, the council acquired a new name - the World Customs Organization. It consisted of representatives of 17 European countries. And paradoxically, only thirty years after the founding of the day the customs officer was considered an official holiday.Over time, from a fairly small service, customs turned into a global organization, which now includes 179 countries.

800 thousand customs officers today are working for the good of their states. On this day, it is customary to congratulate them with pleasant words, small presents and awards for excellent service and the capture of illegal “transit passengers”.

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Greeting cards for World Customs Day

Congratulations on World Customs Day

Customs officer! Today we congratulate
You with your special, personal Day!
Just wish you well,
And did not regret so much in life about anything!

Let everything in your destiny come true
After all, you are ready to work day and night!
Let any desire come true
And let it be possible to overcome everything!

I wish that luck does not end,
And to fulfill all the dreams,
So that on the horse of luck, happiness rushed,
And to reach career heights!

Customs officer's day has come,
I want to congratulate you!
So that every day become special -
I wish now!

And to cherished dreams
Come true without problems!
I wish to live without fuss
And do not be sad at all!

May you always succeed
Get your way!
Good luck - many years,
Do not be afraid of anything!

I wish you happiness
And joy full,
To smile more often
That bright life was!

I wish you success
And cheerfulness and strength!
On your Day, congratulations!
May the Lord keep you!

All the best will happen!
Customs joy is waiting!
Cherished dreams come true,
And let you get lucky!

January 26th
All of us is not difficult to remember.
This is a significant day for all -
Celebrates our customs!

All of us today, on January day,
We give you presents.
Each of you is flawless and strict,
You work without blots!

We always wish you this day.
Bright, successful work
And from your favorite people to receive
Lots of love and care!

Celebrated the Russian holiday
You are not so long ago
And now the holiday of peace
Knocked on your window.

You work in customs,
January came a long time,
Put off your job
This afternoon yourself do not soar!

Customs Day today
And the world, moreover,
I want to congratulate you,
This clear winter day!

Congratulations to the customs officer

Customs officer, today is the day
Your joy has come,
You in happiness with kindness believe,
Admit love to the country

Catch good luck every time
Tops to conquer
And do not lose the hardness of the spirit,
To us evil is not missing!

May your relatives be proud of you
Friends let odes lay down!
Today we will sing
Customs officer!

Protect the border safely
From the invasions you managed,
Miss only joy with the world
In the state you decide!

Congratulations accept,
Open the gates of the heart
Let the good go into it
With hundreds of holiday tunes!

We raise a toast today
Your courage glorifying,
Bowing before patience
And wanting inspiration!

All customs of the world,
Professional holiday
Celebrate a hundred toasts
Song loud, good phrase!

Let customs give good
On the arrival of good with joy,
Let it be all possible
Quickly achievable goals!

Sincerely, we are grateful
You for the important work and difficult!
Generously let fate bestow
All customs officers!

A big world holiday meets
Happy January time!
Happy customs day glorious
We want to congratulate you!

Let him not be on the border
Evil, insults, corruption, grief!
The whole composition let him have fun
Generously let the tables cover!

All customs bold
We wish good and happiness,
Your hard work
We are given security!

Our customs officer in the service
Vigilant and incorruptible,
His keen gaze is overworked,
He is great and unapproachable,

His competent work
Our he keeps boundaries
Could not so angry someone
Leaking through the border!

We are a heartfelt "thank you"
We give him a delight!
And we wish peace, strength
And good luck in his bdens!

Funny poems with World Customs Day

Today is a holiday
My colleagues, whom I
International Customs Day
Congratulate so want loving.
Customs is not a job for us
She is on guard for many things.
To import or even export
We did not pass without papers.
For the safety of all goods
For their legality and number
We answer heads -
This business has fascinated us.
I want to wish colleagues
In all matters always good luck
Solutions of all, sometimes difficult
Any difficulty on the tasks.

On Customs Day
Let me congratulate you!
And to your hard work
A drop of humor to add!
Let your gaze fall
All who are intentionally unclean!
Let the villains know for sure -
You Thunder Smugglers!

Disarm terrorists
Illegals do not let in,
Calculate smugglers,
Dangerous cargo "light up".
Important work and very difficult -
At the border check.
You, customs officers,
We will be together to congratulate!
Customs officers! I will ask attention!
My short speech is not a luxury or whim!
For your vigilant efforts
I will tell you on your international day:
I wish you in striving and courage
Only incentives to receive
And, as in the favorite film Vereshchagin,
Remuneration without taking power to protect!

Customs is the door of my country
More precisely, the gate,
Where is service, not feeding glory,
All on the check on the entrusted posts.
Customs officers, wake, wake!
Today you have all the good words:
Love life, love your country!
And so that the problems do not swell the head!

Customs officers have complicated service,
Responsible, hard
And for any country on the planet
She, of course, is important.
So we wish: let the work,
Although sometimes difficult,
There is luck in everything
Customs worldwide!

Funny greetings on World Customs Day in verse

Customs officer, you are strict

And business - over the years,
But on this day, "good"
We give you yourself!
Not you, suddenly, and you
Experiencing the gaze
About your holiday trumpeting
And everyone is happy to congratulate
Desire for health, strength,
Successes and accomplishments ...
Believe and do not bring
In the rules of violations!
Celebrate wholeheartedly
Your day is easy and wise!
Everything will be fine!
And you will become strict in the morning.)

Who has a nose for bandits,
On smuggling different?
Who works great
Never complaining?

You, dear customs officer!
Congratulations on your day!
Let the mood rise,
And it charges you with happiness!

- We carry out an inspection, bags on display.
Here is a box of vodka! - This is all for you!
- Four bunches top grade sausages,
Are they here for what? - Again for you!

“There are five kilograms of stock here,
Where is it? - To congratulate you!
“Do you think your brains are on your side? ...”
- So your holiday, customs officer day!

Customs officer today
We send the most fun poem!
We wish that it became fashionable
Pay customs tax!
Let the violators even on holiday
Will arrange the right day off!
And let prankster smuggler
Pay the fee for the first time!
And let, like a holiday song,
Life will be bright, interesting!

Again the customs post, -
Scoundrels sees a mile away,
So good she does not give,
Catch and plant at times!

Customs honestly duty observes,
But the holiday awaits them today -
Without intent, we will congratulate you,
Customs officers honor and glory!

SMS congratulations on the Day of the Customs Officer in verses

Today celebrates the whole world,

World Customs Day,
We wish you happiness,
We will not be very modest.

We wish you many bright days
Love, good luck, happiness,
Accept this poem,
So that there was no bad weather.

Customs Day has come today,
And with him, I congratulate you,
Your spirit has risen today,
I wish you to be persistent.

And so that you live better,
Greetings sent by you,
To be friends with your family,
Wish you happiness (s).

We celebrate today,
World Customs Day,
Let all, dreams come true,
Problems will not be difficult.

We will read you a poem,
So that this bright day,
Everything that was dreamed about has come true
And your flame did not burn.

Customs service congratulations,
And on a holiday, we wish you the best.
You swim in life, as if in a boat,
We wish to accompany the weather.
To hurricanes and storms did not know
And happiness, like all the flowers, you collected.

That the customs officer is not happy
I hung my head?
If there were no worries,
You would have smoked!

Well, and so again,
Important work!
After a day on my feet,
Just sleep hunting.

Appreciate your hard work
This is a consolation!
Congratulations will be who,
Iridescence making!

Congratulations on World Customs Day in your own words

We sincerely congratulate our respected professionals on their professional holiday - International Customs Day! We wish you on this day one thing - wisdom, for he who has wisdom has happiness, love and respect. Wisdom to you, and let the most cherished dreams come true!

With the World Customs Day, our dear guards of state borders! I wish to remain always attentive and collected, strength of mind and patience. Let not one offender pass by you. Your work is important and difficult, therefore family happiness and well-being, so that loving relatives await you at home. Happy professional holiday!

Let me heartily congratulate you on your professional holiday. We want to express our most heartfelt gratitude for your work on the borders of our country. And accept our spiritual wishes. Stable health, well-being in life, success in business, more joyful and bright moments in life and peaceful workdays. Happy Russian customs officer.

We congratulate all the people responsible for the cordons of our country on their professional day, Customs Day. Let the boundaries of your personal space, heart affairs and personal life be equally protected. We wish the worker enthusiasm, potential, optimism, vital energy, positive and health.

Dear our customs! You are people standing on the border and watching the order, I want to congratulate you on your professional holiday and wish that only good things pass over the border of your soul, let all the bad get fined and leave where it came from. Happy holiday!

World Customs Day - congratulations in prose

Congratulations on the holiday of all professionals who send our passengers abroad! We wish you patience, enthusiasm and always a great mood! Let the boundaries of your personal space be crossed only by joy, happiness, positive, and vital energy and health beat the key!

We congratulate those who are responsible for the cordon of our vast country on the World Customs Day! We wish our customs officers responsible for the safety and economic benefits of our country more smiles of transit passengers, so that all shifts take place quietly without illegal immigrants and terrorists.

Customs officers all over the world, today is your holiday. We congratulate you wholeheartedly and wish our heroes of our time to return more illegally transported goods to their homeland, to pass only a legal product and to comply with all laws. Let the work be a joy, your intuition does not fail you, but your nerves are not naughty!

Who conscientiously observes the laws of export and import and keeps an eye on customs, we congratulate you on World Customs Day. We wish your families prosperity, love, mutual understanding, more positive passing through the border and fewer seizures of illegally transported!

Today, we say “thank you” to every customs officer in the world for your hard and difficult service, for the benefit of our state, for understanding to every person who leaves or arrives in the country. Let your work bring you pleasure, decent earnings and many positive moments!

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