Game Total War: ARENA 2019

Historical settings will never lose their popularity, because the heroic past of mankind at all times will still haunt the minds of its romance.

Who at least once did not want to feel like a great fighter of antiquity or a legendary commander who easily rearranges figures in the political arena, enslaving entire states and leading his troops to bloodless victories?

General information about the game:

  • Genre — online strategy / MOBA
  • Setting —ancient history
  • Developer— Creative assembly
  • Publisher / Localizer— Wargaming alliance
  • date of release— 2019

Responding to this desire, Creative Assembly decided not just to publish the next series of its popular Total War franchise, but to transfer all fans to the online PvP format, giving them the opportunity to demonstrate the leadership talent as well as a chance to taste the adrenaline of online battles.

After all, now they have to do everything the same to which they have long been accustomed, but in real time and with a completely unpredictable final due to many factors: the behavior of the brothers in arms - other generals of your team,the specifics of the enemy, as well as the composition of all troops, the characteristics of their pumping, maps and other nuances.

Story line

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The plot, as such, is absent, forming the general spirit of the game from historical chronicles, extant ancient myths and features of peoples participating in conflicts, with their authentic types of weapons, combat tactics, as well as prominent personalities in which the highlight of the gameplay is expressed.

The Greeks can lead troops into the battle in the guise of Leonid - the master of close combat spearmen and shield men (the love of all fans of the game from defense), Miltiades, known for his powerful ram attacks, forming an understanding of the aggressive style of battle once honored by this nation with mandatory psychological intimidation .

And also Kinana - a spectacular warrior maiden, commanding the arrows and the cavalry, a specialist in maneuverability and pursuit of the enemy.

And, of course, Alexander the Great is available (who would doubt ...) - perhaps the most difficult in wagering, preferring to mix cavalry attacks with infantry support, rounds on the flanks and distracting maneuvers.

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Among the Roman conquerors are available Germanic (short-range aggressive combat, good protection from shelling), Scipio Africanus (mixed troops from infantry and cavalry, mobile, demoralizing and very fast), Sulla (excellent defense, ability to be on the point of attack and to provide support with missile guns) .

And finally, Guy Julius Caesar is a master of siege machines and the commander of rifle squads, an ideal support for his team.

For the barbarians, while still more modest, they were introduced into the canvas last, therefore, it is possible that the list of available commanders will still be expanded.

At this moment, Queen Bouddika of the Izen tribe (East Anglia) is available - violent, uncontrollable, but very calculating, Arminius with his lightly armored troops, dangerous with his maneuverability, rear surprise attacks and the ability to serve as ideal reconnaissance.

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And also Vercingetorig is a kind of an allusion to the Vikings, who wreak havoc on the battlefield, setting fire to the ground in the collision zone and breathing berserk inspiration into the hearts of their warriors.

In addition to these factions, there were hints from the creators to consider the idea of ​​the possible introduction in the future of commanders of a wide variety of nations - from the Chineseto the Arabs. It is possible that even the warriors of Kievan Rus will be present.

Game world

Battle locations are striking in their historical truthfulness, meticulously drawing pictures of the fields of ancient battles. Cities and localities such as Salernum, Thermopylae, Marathon, Rubicon, Grayski Alps, Gergovia, Germany, Adrianov Val and Capitol Hill are available.

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The architecture, the smallest details of military equipment and the appearance of the fighters themselves, as well as features of the terrain, which in many cases play a decisive role in the battles, if they are used wisely, are carefully displayed in details.

For example, it is possible for all troops to withdraw partisans into masks of forest that are luxurious in their abilities, or to dig in a nearby village, imposing an uncomfortable street fight for the enemy's cavalry forces.

Total War Gameplay: ARENA 2019

The mode of turn-based strategy, as such, is absent here, retraining fully to the adoption of strategic and tactical decisions in real time. What more total War: ARENA has in common with modern MOBA than with previous games in the series.

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The campaign format was not originally intended - only 10x10 multiplayer battles are available.Each character will be able to choose his legendary commander, having received his combat skills, and three detachments of fighters with a maximum of 100 people.

By class this could be infantry, cavalry and foot arrows. Siege weapons are also available, and from the exotic - fighting dogs with trainers.

You can choose to play for Rome, Greece and barbarian tribes, but only the coordinated actions of all the players on the same team, as well as a thought-out line of conduct can lead to victory.

In the intervals between battles, you can engage in the improvement and re-formation of your troops, re-uniforms, and also pumping commanders who gain the skill to give new orders through earning experience points.

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In fights, the selection of players in teams is carried out according to a strict principle in order to avoid a clear imbalance, due to which the rank of units cannot differ by more than two units. There are limitations on tactical decisions.

For example, when units enter the melee, the deployed objects cannot be used, although, if shelling is under way, they are not only blocked, but also highly recommended.

Graphics and music

The graphics here are slightly worse than in the latest strategies of this class, which is not surprisingbecause the creators had to optimize the live for the needs of multi-user content.

In particular, performance drops slightly when confronted with an overview of forests and grass, besides, in the rest, many people blame too bright unnatural paints.

when will the total war arena 2019

The background music is quite monotonous, in the style of rock instrumental with Oriental motifs, but, again, in the release, everything can be completely different - the time for the developers to finish and this time is still there.

System Requirements and Platforms

Console versions have not yet been announced - we are talking only about Windows platforms with quite reasonable system requirements.

The new game in 2019 will be distributed via FTP, but there will also traditionally be in-game content that can be bought for the currency earned.

Including bought for real money. Most likely, monetization will be very similar to “WoT”. At this stage, the project is in the MBT stage, the exact release date is not yet specified, but it is expected that this will be either the end of the current or the beginning of 2019.

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