Game Seven: The Days Long Gone 2019

For the first time to play in Seven: The Days Long Gone, a case appeared at the end of 2017, and a month later it was qualitatively patched in order to eliminate all the bugs and flaws found by testers.

Now there are tips and quite decent learning unit, some aspects of game mechanics have also been improved.

The developers' plans before the end of this year to bring a full release to the masses, and already in the next - to develop the story of the main character with a landmark update.

It’s hard to say what they’ll get out of it, but already the fact that Fool's Theory itself is engaged in design, and Fool's Theory itself, which put a hand to the second and third parts of The Witcher, and also released such bestsellers like Anchient Space and Hard West, promises a lot.

General information about the game:

  • Genre - RPG / Stealth Action
  • Setting - Fantasy Cyberpunk
  • Developer - Fool’s Theory
  • Publisher / Localizer - IMGN.PRO
  • Release Date - 2019

In the meantime, the network criticism of the project rolls over, but, objectively, the time for it is fundamentally incorrect - this is still a frankly crude project, which the creators are not shy about, inviting gamers to dialogue and work together to improve the game.

Well, perhaps, this is a much more correct policy than the one that the mega-players of the market lead, releasing everything, without working with the feedback back from the public at all (and often on this very bad deal).

Story line

seven the days long gone 2019 pc

Acquaintance with the game begins with the presentation of the protagonist - master thief Teriel, who is going to visit the prison island of Pe on an airship as a captive, tritely caught stealing jewels. In his head he constantly sounds, driving him crazy, the voice of the ancient demon Artanak - a rare pervert and in all respects of the most opposed entity.

In fact, it is through the internal dialogue of these two that the whole essence of what is happening in this post-apocalyptic world, in which the superstitions of the Dark Ages and modern technologies are closely intertwined, is revealed in the training prologue.

The whole plot is built around exploring new locations, although the story at its various stages is well developed and replete with unexpected twists and turns, being notable for the harmony of the story.

seven the days long gone 2019 game

Diversity and interest add here and there found minor quests, sometimes threatening to grow into a full line.By the way, the tasks here are never trivial: the maligned “kill-get” scheme here is transformed into interesting investigations, multi-stage thefts and much more.

Game world

The entire map of Seven: The Days Long Gone is the open world of the Vetral Empire, combining a spectacular symbiosis of fantasy and post-apocalyptic fiction, which is divided into zones, and you can legally cross them with a "visa".

But, of course, this rule can also be bypassed, making our way secretly, though it’s really worth preparing for the fact that every oncoming drone and patrol will be happy to spot the intruder.

seven the days long gone 2019 review

So far, only a few locations are available: the prison, the citadel of the factions, the capital and a few others. But, the whole landscape is multi-storey, and you can climb all the nooks, if they are, of course, accessible to the review.

Gameplay Seven: The Days Long Gone 2019

Since the main character is a thief to the bone, the whole game is built on stealth modes, hacks and silent diversions, which is logical. It will be necessary to master the techniques of parkour, and in general everything that happens here is painfully reminiscent of Assassin`s Creed and Thief, although the setting is, of course, very authentic, therefore it cannot be about plagiarism.

One-to-one visualization of hacking is the same as Bethesda’s (though, besides mechanics, you can also hack electronics).

But there is something unusual: a kind of “instinct” skill allows not only at one glance to fix on the surveyed area all bookmarks of evidence and necessary items, but also to estimate from what point it is better to approach the opponents in order to go unnoticed, where to hide.

seven the days long gone system requirements

Jumping is not safe everywhere, although there is a rather illogical moment, which, probably, will be corrected soon: sometimes movement is visible to everyone with somersaults (increased speed, moreover) is considered secretive, but to sneak using features of the terrain is not ...

The system of disguise is not easy - an ordinary soldier, an opponent of the character, may not even notice, but the officer is very capable of recognizing him. If they are not located within the same floor as the hero, then naturally they will not hear him, which is convenient.

In general, the multi-storey building here has become a double-edged sword: on the one hand the most interesting non-linearity of the passages develops and the possibilities for exploring the world expand, and on the other, it all relies on the same notorious isometry, orienting in space is not an easy task.

seven the days long gone 2019 map

The reaction to the dead or banned comrades of the soldiers will be quite adequate (the system is very similar to Skyrim).

Opponents themselves can be very difficult: they not only try to hit, but also can protect themselves from strikes, as well as deploy a small tactical activity, trying to come from the flanks and maneuvering in a skirmish in other ways. By the way, defeated enemies are being pillaged, which is called up to cowards.

I am glad that the passage of even the same quests is intended to be non-linear: you can chop right through, clearing all life, camouflage yourself as opponents and in this form do the task, find workarounds and quietly reach the goal, etc. Trapping techniques, throwing darts with different properties, lures, and many others suitable for the sense and style of the setting are commonly used.

seven the days long gone 2019 gameplay

And, finally, the approach to the pumping system is quite original here: it is carried out not by gaining experience, but by searching for abilities, as well as special trophies and resources that help to master and use all this.

Game graphics and music

Compositions for Seven: The Days Long Gone were written by Marcin Przhibilovich and Miracle of Sound, and you can appreciate the vigorous sound scale at least by the trailer, which appeared on the network long before the release. By the way, on a subjective view, he is very good.

At least, the atmosphere of the new game in 2019 gives an order of magnitude, so it is recommended to pass only with sound.

seven the days long gone graphics

According to the graph ... Yes, isometry, but the fonts modest in their aesthetics and the overall design of the dialogues (which, in truth, do not look like developers), but the detailing is at a height, like the implementation of the visual perspective of the picture.

Although, to be honest, the project was obviously made after a while - the cartoon that goes off the scale, continuous Ctrl + C-Ctrl + V does not do the honor of the studio, the level of Fool’s Theory.

System Requirements and Platforms

Now available for free demo only for the PC, showing the prologue, passing which is quite possible to make an impression about the gameplay. The same applies to the ordinary, and collector's edition.

The latter contains, in addition to the game itself, an artbook, a map, a guide and a disc with a soundtrack. Now they can be found both in Steam and in the Humble, and also on

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