Furniture transportation: puns

Smeshnoj-divanCargo transportation in Kiev are in great demand. Many different customers, many different situations. Sometimes, with customers, events occur that will cause a smile to many. One such story happened last year. At that time, I provided repair and hauling services for furniture, and a loader worked with me. Transportation of furniture, in such work, takes most of the time and requires certain skills.

There are customers who relate to transporting their furniture to the workshop normally, but there are cases when the customer envelops his sofa with love and care, is proud of an expensive purchase, and the degree of importance is so high that he wants to say: “Oh! Great sofa, do you mind going “to treatment” and sorry for disturbing you. ” Then, you take this Italian, purebred De Dio Divano and under the gaze of the Owner-Paparazzo, you leave. Of course, promising to do everything according to Feng Shui.

One day, I accepted an order from one “highly significant” Ladies.Even in the telephone mode, it became clear to me: I am dealing with something important. The number of preliminary telephone conversations about the order, gained the highest mark. Naturally, they explained to me that this is an expensive "Italian." Upon arrival at the apartment, I realized the importance of the client's ambitions, but there was a different opinion about the sofa. After a series of questions, and a nearly two-hour choice of fabric, the Lady decided between two colors: her husband left the race an hour ago. After asking if we could do such a difficult job, she said goodbye to her sofa. I was glad that the weight of the “patient” turned out to be much lighter than the character of the owner.

Began to demolish, reached the first floor. At the entrance, as is customary in respectable homes, we were met by a concierge. Her joyous, mysterious look, already foreshadowed the standard question in the style: "Where ?, Why ?, Give? and why not. ” But she turned out to be more courageous and immediately commanded: “Put in the guardhouse!” We, having appreciated the humor of this woman, smiled and passed by.

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