Funny cards with their own hands by February 23

Good day! February 23 not only men are honored, but also. We tried not to offend anyone and prepared an entire collection of congratulations for the Defender of the Fatherland Day. Pick up your wishes for February 23 and, congratulations have fun and. In the selection of men's greetings, you will find a complete set of beautiful words to a loved one, husband, father, brother, son, grandfather and friends. We also didn’t get around the congratulations of our colleagues and bosses. And, of course, they did not forget about the smallest ones by making a selection of children's poems. And we suggest to present all this variety of congratulations along with a beautiful postcard or a postcard made with love with your own hands. Well, the gift for February 23 can also be made with your own hands.

Daddy or grandfather on February 23 will be pleased to receive from the child a postcard made with his own hands. Postcards for February 23, which we offer in this section, are decorated with plain or voluminous applications of colored paper.There are very simple applications, available even for children 3-5 years old. There are more difficult crafts for children of preschool and primary school age. Prepare for small children in advance, cut out all the details of the picture so that it remains for them to only stick them on the card. Adult children can cut parts of the application themselves. It will be interesting to make a child origami postcard for dad or grandfather.

What to portray

To make a beautiful postcard on February 23 with a child with your own hands, you first need to choose the plot of the product. If the man to whom the gift is intended, served in any troops, then you can choose any suitable symbolism.

And if not, then you can pick up just a courageous symbol - for example, my son’s grandfather often draws horses, my brother gets cards with a tank because of his passion for the famous game.

Choose an art style of work, and proceed - making does not take much time, and your loved ones will still be happy for such a gift.

Postcard option with paper appliqué

It is quite simple to make an application - you can look at the photo of the card you like and repeat it.But if you really want to do everything from scratch, see the job description below.

Самостоятельное изготовление открытки на 23 февраля

On plain paper (possible in a box), first make a sketch of the future postcard - determine in advance the shape and color of all elements, the location and composition, and immediately apply a greeting inscription with a pencil.

Make a template for each element (especially if you do with the child - it’s easier to circle the finished template). On the cardboard (if you plan to use the pattern repeatedly), mark the front side and cut out the details with scissors.

Choose the basis for your postcard. It can be a piece of thick cardboard or even a plain white paperman, special paper or a piece of watercolor album. Or maybe you will pick up a beautiful scrapbooking paper.

Cut the corners, cut the edges, make a groove on which the card will fold. To do this, you need to draw a line on the ruler with any non-writing pointed object. Most often used old ballpoint pen. Perhaps you have a knitting needle, the main thing is that the object does not scratch the paper.

Pick up the color paper for the application and cut the necessary elements.You can use ordinary colored paper, you can buy shiny or velvet, neon or glitter.

If you really need some color paper, which was not at hand, you can always just mix paint and paint the desired leaf.

Consistently lubricate the elements with glue and stick in the right places, gently smoothing and pressing with a dry clean cloth.

Put the application under the press in order to remove excess waves from the glue.

Do not forget to sign a postcard.

WhiskeredpostcardsFebruary 23 to men

Mustache is a very interesting male element that you can beat in creating a postcard. His mustache is reminiscent of Ekryulya Poirot and speak of gallantry. Such a greeting card is unobtrusive and will suit any gift. It can exist both independently and as a pleasant addition to the soul.

For making a cool postcard you will need:

  • black thick two-sided paper, it is better to take pastel paper, it has a texture or color.
  • scissors,
  • glue,
  • bulk double-sided tape,
  • postcard base or A4 thick white sheet of paper,
  • beautiful scrap paper,
  • decorative items.

How to make a postcard on February 23

Sheet A 4 bend in half. To make the fold perfectly even, inside the fold line we draw something sharp - a needle or a writing pen.

From a beautiful paper, we cut a sheet a little smaller by 2 mm - 1 cm on each side than the base of the postcard. Gently glue to the base.

From black or colored scrap paper we cut out man’s mustache of different shapes.

Glue to the card.

Sign - Real Man!

If you can draw, bend a watercolor sheet of paper in half and draw a man's mustache in different ways. Add accessories - hats, glasses, monocle, tube. Images can come up with an infinite number. You will have an amazing collection of cards for men. Depending on the holiday, you can add an emblem down card: if February 23 is a number 23, if Birthday is a gift with a bow, etc.

A “baleen” postcard for the Day of Defender of the Fatherland with your own hands can be very small, similar to a business card. Inside you can write a heartfelt congratulation: “Happy Men's Day! Good luck, success, endless success! "

IDAD- DIY card by February 23

You will need:

  • black cardboard
  • scissors,
  • markers,
  • segment knife
  • white cardboard
  • white sheet of paper
  • spray glue or glue stick,
  • Printer,
  • cutting mat
  • silver helium pen.

Master Class

Prepare 2 sheets of black cardboard.

Glue a sheet of white cardboard onto one of them.

Make rounded corners.

Print ipad icons on cardboard, then cut them out.

Arrange the icons on the screen, then paste them.

Wait 15 minutes for the glue to dry well.

Cut each icon in the sides and bottom using a cutting mat and a segment knife.

Glue the top and bottom (layered black cardboard).

Draw a button on the bottom with a silver pen.

Take a piece of paper and fold the envelope, which will be a cover. How to fold the envelope, see below.

Write wishes in icons.

How to make an envelope for a postcard

You will need:

  • paper with a pattern
  • simple pencil
  • scissors.

Master Class

Draw a heart. Use a template. Roll the paper in half and beautifully draw one half of the heart, given the hundred fold in the middle. Cut out the same folded contour. Expand the resulting heart and circle it on the paper you have prepared for the envelope under the card.

Cut it out.

Turn the white side over.

Fold the side parts inward.

Turn the triangle up.

Fold the bottom up to the base of the triangle.

Lower the triangle down by closing the envelope.

Postcards on February 23 with your own hands for grandfather

And this card with a volume star should really like the grandfathers. It is very concise and simple, and for it you only need a sheet of cardboard and paper of 2 colors.

Grandpa will definitely appreciate and lovingly hand-carved postcards on February 23 with a beautiful sailboat.

Postcard template for sailboat

And if the author of the postcard is still very small, the grandfather or dad will be happy to have a rocket postcard with their photo or a simple postcard with a ship.

Doodle postcards from February 23 to men with humor

As you know, only humor and laughter can prolong life. Therefore, the most important thing for a postcard on February 23 is a cool inscription!

To make such a masterpiece, you only need a base for a postcard or a sheet of thick paper bent in half and a set of capillary pens. Since doodling is in fashion now, or more simply, doodles are kalyabushki, which many of us draw when talking on the phone or when it’s boring.Therefore, postcards from February 23, funny and funny will be decorated with various beautiful fonts and sketch sketches.

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