Fortune-telling on coins: basic ways and interpretations

So it was customary that every person, by all meansI want to know my future. Since ancient times, people have resorted to various ways of guessing, including coins. And this is not accidental. Since the appearance of money, they were attributed super-opportunities - this is most likely due to the fact that they gave their owner power and authority. Over time, the attitude towards coins has changed somewhat, but they, like many centuries ago, are still very often used to penetrate the future.

Popular ways of guessing on coins

Those wishing to know the fate of using new or longout of circulation of copper money, sometimes in combination with cards and other items of use. It is very popular and, as they say, effectively Chinese fortune-telling on coins and the book "I Jin".

What is this: fun entertainment or a way to find out about destiny?

Guessing on coins according to the principle "will come true"will come true "in our time not all are taken seriously. For someone it's just fun and a way to have fun, for example, when meeting girlfriends. There are several ways to do this fortune telling.

1 - throwing a coin. First you need to decide which side, eagle or tails, will give an affirmative answer to the question of interest. Then, holding the coin in the palm of your right hand, concentrate as much as possible on the question. Finally, toss the money so that it makes a turn in the air and falls. The side of the coin that will be on top after the landing, and prompt the answer to the question.


2 - determination of what awaits in the fartravel. From the sheet of paper you need to glue the road width of about 5 and a length of about 50 cm. Then roll the coin along the resulting path. If it easily rolls forward and quickly reaches the end of the strip, luck is ahead. If it falls - the journey will bring problems. In the latter case, you can "run" the coin several times, every time starting from the "unfortunate" place until it reaches the finish line. The number of falls is a symbolic amount of trouble that can happen on the road.

Determination of fate for money and cards

Guessing on coins using a gameThe deck is quite old. First, the cards should be shuffled and arranged in different colors. For guessing, you do not need a pile of bobeys, so you can completely remove it. Of the three remaining left hand, you need to get one card and spread them in front of you, formulate the question of interest and throw a coin. Next, determine where it landed. The card on which (or closer to which) the coin has fallen, the answer will prompt: the trefoque - all will be good; worms - the outcome of the case may be different, so you need to weigh everything again well; peaks - there are possible failures, therefore, it is better to cancel the plans.

Guessing on three coins

Here, too, there are several options to learnfuture. The easiest to use girls for Christmas trees. On three paper sheets different wishes are written, after which each is wrapped around a coin. Then they are put under the pillow for the night. Waking up, you need to get one of the coins: will come true desire, written on a piece of paper, in which it was wrapped. Another option for guessing is to place three copper coins of different size under the pillow at night, wrapped in sheets of paper, on which the same desire is written. In the morning to get the first coin that came in: it turned out to be a big one - the wish will come true quickly, the average one will come true, but not immediately, a small one - all further expectations are useless.


The Book of Changes as a way to know fate

All peoples have already been popular for many centuriesChinese fortune-telling on coins and the ancient "I Jin". The Book of Changes includes 64 different hexograms with drawings of continuous and interrupted lines - these are the sources of the interpretation of predictions. For divination, you need three new coins (well, if they are intended only for this purpose). The main condition is to know exactly which question you want to get an answer to.

Three coins are alternately thrown 6 timesup, then it is determined which side of the 2-3 fallen coins was at the top after the fall, and a line is drawn on a sheet of paper: the eagle is solid, the tip is intermittent. The result is 6 different, and possibly identical, images. Appearing on paper, the picture is correlated with hexograms in the Book of Changes (it must be at hand), where the interpretation of the result is given.

Chinese divination by coins

Guessing on coins according to the book assumes the obligatory observance of several rules:

  • the question should be asked only once;
  • during the session you can get no more than one answer;
  • if a hexagram with a bad interpretation falls out, do not get upset: ancient Chinese wisdom can allow another, positive, prediction;
  • all the wishes you ask for should be directed only for the benefit of other people.

fortune telling on coinsAnd, finally, a few important tips. It is always necessary to remember that money is a source of positive and negative energy, as they were held by many hands. Hence, guessing on coins will be safe if you use copper money, specially designed for this - they should be stored in a separate bag. It is necessary to hold coins in your hand for several minutes - this will allow them to charge with their energy.

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Fortune-telling on coins: basic ways and interpretations Fortune-telling on coins: basic ways and interpretations Fortune-telling on coins: basic ways and interpretations Fortune-telling on coins: basic ways and interpretations Fortune-telling on coins: basic ways and interpretations