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To return things to their former beauty, many are ready to try all bleach and other all kinds of mixtures that can only be found on the counter of the domestic department. But the result is sometimes very disappointing. It is necessary to pay a lot for these “magic means”, but the result is zero. If you are familiar with this situation, our today's material will definitely suit your taste.
We have collected for you the budget folk cleaners to restore clothes, even those on which stains have not been washed for many years. Your things will be as good as new - checked!

folk cleaners

Remedy for oily stains

To wash kitchen towels from grease (or any other things soiled with grease), we will need mustard powder. Dilute two tablespoons in a liter of hot water and filter the solution through cheesecloth. Soak things in the resulting tool from the fat should be at night. Then just erase them as usual. So you can disinfect things and make the picture brighter.

folk cleaners

Recovery whiteness

Many people want to return white to things. If your favorite clothes turned yellow from washing or from old age, do not be discouraged! Help to restore the color ammonia. At each wash, add to the things not only washing powder, but also ammonia. A teaspoon of such bleach on a bowl with things will be enough. After 2-3 washes you will see how your favorite white clothes look younger. It will also help wipe the stains of sweat (and remove the smell of sweat too).

folk cleaners

Washing wool and silk

Wash wool and silk should be especially careful. And if you have stains on woolen or silk things, it will not work to get rid of them by previous methods - then you need a special approach. To make a cleaner for delicate fabrics, you will need (based on 10 liters of water) 50 grams of washing powder, 5 tablespoons of fine-crystalline salt, 1 tablespoon of ammonia, 1 tablespoon of peroxide. Clothes in this solution should be kept for about 5-6 hours, and then washed in a typewriter, turning on the delicate mode.

folk cleaners

Disinfecting socks and tights

Prevention of fungus is important, so do not neglect disinfection of socks, golf and tights.Particular care should be taken if you have recently cured a foot or nail fungus. If you do not want to throw out your socks, you need to kill the spores of the fungus in clothes so that it never returns to you. To do this, soak things in a solution of warm water with 2 tablespoons of boric acid. By the way, in the same solution you can also whiten things (T-shirts, T-shirts without pictures, etc.). Soak clothes 3-4 hours, and then wash in normal mode.

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