Folding napkins

December 16, 2010

Folding napkinsA beautifully laid table is able to increase the appetite of any person, and serving napkins in various ways will give your festive table a special charm. In European countries have long been used to decorate the table servingnapkins with rings or without. Rolled in a special way, they can take any shape. Since the year of the Rabbit is ahead of us, in this article we will talk about how to fold a napkin in the form of an eared rabbit.

Serving napkins can be folded very easily and quickly and, having filled your hand on one rabbit, you can easily decorate all the places for guests in this unusual way. Especially suitable would be such a table setting at the New Year's feast. We are sure that such napkins will attract considerable attention of the participants of the holiday.

Any square cloth made of thin, well-bending fabric will be suitable for folding. Linen fabric is best, and even better if the material is starchy. In this case, your rabbit will not hang your ears, before the beginning of the holiday, and all the folds will be smooth and even.

Folding doily do it yourself

  1. Square linen cloth folded in half along a horizontal line.
  2. Repeat the previous step again and get a long rectangle.
  3. We fold the left and right sides of the napkin to the center, lowering the long ends down.
  4. Repeat the procedure for the bottom corners.
  5. We reduce the corners of the napkin to the center, so that they meet at the middle line. After this step, you can already see the outlines of the rabbit ears. In general, folding napkins is very similar to origami.
  6. We overturn the napkin, trying not to break the design.

    table setting folding napkins

  7. The upper part of the napkin in the form of a triangle is hidden inside, as shown in the photo.
  8. We begin to fold the napkin, slightly turning the left edge of the middle vertical line.
  9. We repeat the same for the right side of the napkin, tucking its right end into the pocket obtained in the previous step. The finished napkin can be decorated with buttons or beads, giving the rabbit eyes and spout.

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