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What could be better than vegetables or flowers grown with your own hands? No wonder they say that the best rest is a rest in your own garden, near flowering trees and fragrant beautiful flowers that fill all the space with their fragrance. Vegetables grown on their own land are also good - fragrant, mouth-watering tomatoes and cucumbers, stately pumpkins, organic onions and other tasty things that are asked for on the table! But in order to grow all this beauty, first of all, seedlings and seeds will be needed not only for flowers, but also for everything else that you want to grow in your own summer cottage. These seedlings are bought in plant nurseries one of them at

In order to fill your own country garden with beauty, you do not need huge money. Only labor and the desire to grow flowers, as well as the correct purchase of the necessary seeds, and more accurate knowledge of what, how and at what time to plant.

What could be better than working at your own pleasure — growing flowers? This is exactly the case when it turns out to diversify activities with a unique benefit for your own body and mind.But before starting to work in the garden, you need to get some knowledge about flowers.

Flowers are grown from perennial rhizomes, seeds, tubers and bulbs. Some flowers are sown anew each spring, others (such as, for example, tulips, daffodils, peonies) are perennial crops. Being kept in the ground in winter, they will delight you every spring with their new flowering. Other flowers (for example, petunias) bloom only once. That is, next year, if you want to enjoy their fragrance and beauty, you will have to plant the seeds of these flowers again.

Most roses are planted with seedlings. These are plants that require special, sometimes time-consuming care. For roses, you need to observe a special watering system, carefully trim the bushes and know the best time to plant seedlings in the ground.

However, this complex science can always be mastered. After all, a person who loves to spend his free time in the garden gradually becomes a connoisseur of garden crops, flower varieties, a specialist in the cultivation of flowers and vegetables, and also begins to competently understand what to buy and how to plant seedlings of bushes and trees.

How to buy seeds and seedlings? If the seeds are packed in the package, first of all, check the expiration date. Then decide exactly what you want: flowers - cohorts or tubers that will persist in the ground for a long time. In no case can you buy seeds a year in advance! From storage in inappropriate conditions, they can lose their vitality. Only the proper use of seeds and seedlings will give you an exceptional aesthetic pleasure in the garden.

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