Fireplaces for home and soul

A warm home fireplace is almost always associated with an atmosphere of coziness and comfort. And it's not just about the ability to heat a house. Agree, there is something fascinating in the dance of fiery languages! It is a mistaken opinion that such a wonderful warm corner will never appear in an apartment. Modern developments will allow to place a fireplace in well-equipped housing. Before buying the first available model, you should familiarize yourself with the varieties of this product.

As a rule, there are five types of fireplaces: open, heated with firewood; gas heated fireplace; electric fire; stove - fireplace; a fireplace with a furnace made of cast iron or steel. Fireplaces Prometheus will surprise you with its diversity, as well as a wide range of services of this company (from manufacturing to installation and maintenance). The most traditional model are open fireplaces. The device can be called uncomplicated - a brick firebox and a chimney pipe. However, working on wood, this model is not 100% safe. It is also necessary to remember about the systematic cleaning of the chimney.

If your fireplace is enriched with a steel (cast iron) furnace, then this significantly reduces the risk of fire. This is explained by the presence of a glass door, which blocks the sparks from jumping out of the fireplace. However, the most reliable can rightly be called a fireplace with a gas heating system. Its advantages also include the ability to install in any housing with any conditions. Often, these fireplaces do not even require a chimney, a sufficient condition can be considered the presence of a ventilation system.

Speaking of electric fireplaces, it should be understood that in its essence - this is an ordinary room heater. Use a similar form rather in order to decorate the room, rather than to obtain heat. Stoves - fireplaces - this is nothing like the well-known stoves. But, in turn, such a system is distinguished by a wealth of design ideas.

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