Film The Illusion of Deception 3 (2019)

Crime thriller-thriller with a touch of mysticism and fiction "The Illusion of Deception" for the fourth year beats records of popularity.

Bright plot with dizzying twists gives unforgettable impressions.

The brilliant cast of actors, impressive special effects, lively dialogues - provided the film with a place in the most anticipated category.

The decision to create a franchise and a sequel was taken by producers without hesitation, even before the box office was completed from the current rental.

"The illusion of deception": the first and second parts

The idea of ​​creating the first film belongs to the French director Louis Leterrier, whom the audience remembers from the films “Danny Chain Dog”, “Carrier”, “Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra”.

The basis was a criminal story about a team of master illusionists who committed major robberies in front of the audience. Crimes during a populous show, “cat-and-mouse” with agents of special services, whom robbers manage to fool, robbed rich people, made a fortune by unjust ways and a mysterious organization that put magic at the service of justice and help for the poor — caused acute demand from the audience.

The premiere of the first film took place in 2013, on March 31 in the USA, on June 12 in Russia.

The second film entitled “The Second Act” was released in June 2016. John M. Chu's sequel was received by the critics coldly, while the public reacted with a burning interest.

The continuation turned out to be spectacular, but it was a sin of fantasy, an overabundance of special effects and a cumbersome convoluted plot. The favorite of the public, Ayla Fisher, replaced Lizzy Kaplan, which disappointed Ayla's fans.

The film starred "Harry Potter", Daniel Radcliffe, who played the role of a billionaire involved in corruption.

The film project was super profitable. The first film, with a film budget of 75 million dollars, brought 343.5 million.

illusion of deception 3 release date

The sequel budget of $ 90 million brought $ 335 million, with $ 65 million rolled in the United States, $ 17 million in Russia. The third film promises "money rain."

Filming took place in the largest and most beautiful cities in the world: Paris, London, New York, Las Vegas and New Orleans.

What is known about the creation of the illusion of deception 3

The original name of the film Now You See Me (“Now you see me”) reflects the main principle of the plot: the criminals are constantly in sight, one step ahead of the pursuers, and each focus-robbery forces the servants of Themis to vainly prove the obvious.

illusion of deception 3 part 2019

The release of the third film was scheduled for October 1, 2018. But now it is already known that the release was moved forward a year and now 2019 is set as the “premiere”.

The third film involved the familiar cast: Jesse Eisenberg (as Daniel Atlas), Woody Harrelson (Merritt McKeanie), Dave Franco (Jack Wilder).

Isla Fisher, alas, refused to return to the project, despite the enthusiastic requests of admirers, but her absence is still compensated by the charming Lizzy Kaplan in the role of Lula May. In the role of guardians of the law, viewers will again see Michael Ruffalo and Melanie Laurent, and the role of the former magician and magician will again be embodied by Morgan Freeman.

On one of the roles in the film appointed Benedict Camberbatch (the main actor of the series Sherlock). Who he will play in the film at the moment is not known.

Movie plot

when illusion of deception 3 comes out

It goes without saying that the storyline of the 2019 film of the sensational criminal detective is kept secret. The creators, like illusionists, skillfully hide all the details of the film, forcing fans to languish in anticipation and build the most incredible assumptions about how the fate of their favorite characters.

Those nuggets, information,who have already leaked into the network, indicate that skillful magicians, who the world has not seen before, will once again unite to carry out the next task from the secret organization Oko.

In addition to the already beloved characters, the creators promise to attract other, equally interesting and significant characters. As for the breathtaking and fascinating illusions, there will be more of them in the picture.

A lot of special effects, modern computer technologies will allow the authors to truly amaze the viewer. We have not seen such a scale of productions yet.

Interesting Facts

will illusion of deception 3 in 2019

  • The actors of the first film had to master the art of magicians. The special effects here are minimal, which adds to the film credibility and veracity.
  • Initially, the Four Horsemen were supposed to consist entirely of men, but later the creators changed their minds and included a woman in the team of illusionists.
  • The announcement of the third part took place a year before the second part came out.
  • Isla Fisher, who played Henley Reeves, studied documentary filmmakers about the art of illusionists, especially the famous Harry Houdini.
  • The legendary David Copperfield, the co-producer of the motion picture, became the "magic" consultant in the field of stunts in the sequel.
  • Film actor Jay Chou, who played Lee, is a famous illusionist in China and Taiwan.

Thriller about the elusive magicians won the love of moviegoers. Each film boasts a fascinating plot, rich in social urgency.

The theme of the material stratification of a corrupt society and the restoration of social justice is of great interest. Even if it is necessary to revive this justice with the help of a clever focus that goes beyond the law.

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