Film Coma 2018

Film Coma 2018


“Russian science fiction cinema” - this phrase makes the face of the national viewer blur in a malicious grin, and his soul flutters in the hope that “can this time work, eh?”. The domestic film industry decided on another experiment: the fantastic film “Coma” 2018 is released. Pictures of this genre, produced in Russia, cannot boast of a Hollywood budget, while stubbornly trying to conform to the simple Western canons of filling the tape with plot and common sense. What directly affects the box office:

Name Budget Cash fees
"Paragraph 78" two parts 20 million dollars 7.6 million dollars
"Inhabited Island" two parts 36.6 million dollars 27.8 million dollars
"Defenders" 320 million rubles 272 million rubles

The only film, the fees of which exceeded the costs of the creation, was Bondarchuk's The Tension, even though the critics earned the tape a lot of unflattering feedback.

Responsible for the direction of Nikita Argunov. This is his debut as the director of filming, before that he was "lit up" as a producer of "Defenders" and "Mafia: a game of survival." He put his hand to the script.

In addition to Argunov, Alexey Gravitsky (series “Fierce” (2013); “Earthquake” (2016)) and Timofey Dekin (“Pleny” (2008); “Bitch for the Champion” (2010)) worked on the script).

Art directors David Dadunashvili (the design of the “Defenders” is on his conscience) and Gulnara Shakhmilova (noted there).

The creators promise to please high-quality graphics, not inferior to those in the Western blockbusters, a deep philosophical meaning and keep in suspense the plot. Although about the rest of the "masterpieces" directors and producers asserted similarly.

The start of work on the project was announced in September 2015.

When will the movie

Film Coma 2018

Officially announced release date - January 25, 2018. Here we must pay tribute to the domestic cinema producer: if they said when it will be released, this picture will definitely be in the box office.


The film Coma 2018. Actors, release date in Russia, watch the trailer in Russian

Here are completely familiar faces. The most familiar - Alexei Serebryakov. True, who will play who is not yet known. Other actors are familiar to domestic TV shows and recent kinonovinkam:

  • Rinal Mukhametov ("Attraction", "Catherine", (TV series 2014));
  • Anton Pampushny (“Crew”, “Defenders”);
  • Lyubov Aksenova (“Walk, Vasya”, “Major 2”, (TV series, 2016));
  • Milosh Bikovich (“Eleon Hotel” (TV series, 2016), “Duhless 2”);
  • Rostislav Gulbis (“Policeman from Rublyovka” (TV series, 2016), “Chernobyl: Exclusion Zone” (TV series, 2014));
  • Vilen Babichev (“Fizruk” (serial, 2014), “Viking”);
  • Igor Sigaev (“Hotel Eleon” (TV series, 2016), “Real boys” (TV series, 2010).

What is the movie about

The film Coma 2018. Actors, release date in Russia, watch the trailer in Russian

The plot is not completely original, but not beaten. While it is known the general summary, without special details.

As a result of the accident, the young architect is in a coma. He woke up not in the real world, but woven from the memories and dreams of the otherworldly universe of comatizers, where all concepts are very conditional, and the laws of nature and physics act only relatively. This is due to the memory of man: fragmentary, chaotic and prone to throwing. Here in one room the mountain peak, the lake and the ruined giant megalopolis can easily fit. Here, too, will have to survive, and for this you need to comprehend the complex laws of the existence of this space. The heroes will have to go through losses, learn love and find a way out of this crazy world, having learned what coma really is.

Trailer in Russian

The announcing official video can already be watched online and it is impressive:


The network has already scattered the mass of clones of this video in Russian.Such a high-quality picture at the same time inspires and scares: it gives hope that the film will be really worthwhile and arouses suspicion that these one and a half minutes are the only thing that is interesting in the film. In this case, it remains to wait: maybe the creators will tease the viewer with another trailer and a longer one, thanks to which it will be possible to put together a holistic impression of the film and decide on its viewing.

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