The film "Balkan Frontier" 2019

Director Andrei Volgin decided to take on the screen version of the historical events of 1999. The film “Balkan Frontier” in 2019 will show a secret operation in Kosovo, carried out by valiant Russian soldiers. One of the most dangerous situations since the time of the Caribbean crisis will unfold on wide screens throughout the country already in February 2019 - the exact release date has been set.


A country: Russia, Serbia
Producer: Andrey Volgin
Genre: action, drama, military, historical
When released: February 14, 2019

The plot of this loud military project is really based on real events. The release date is timed to coincide with the twentieth anniversary of the operation. For many of our contemporaries, the memory of those events and that war is still alive, so the new film “The Balkan Frontier” will surely attract increased interest. And the filmmakers assume that the era of creating spectacular Russian films has come, causing young people to be proud of their own country and the valor of their compatriots.

The film "Balkan Frontier" 2019

The plot of the Balkan turn

Describing what the film is about, the producer Gosha Kutsenko says that the tape will tell about the time when Russia tried to erase from the map of world politics. In the center of the plot - the war in Kosovo, the height of the military conflict that took place in 1999. The tape is announced as glorifying Russian weapons, sincere and honest.

Summary transports the viewer to a special operation that took place in Kosovo. 200 soldiers of the Russian army and paratroopers were thrown at it. They had to face the bandits and NATO fighters in order to capture and hold a strategically important point - the Slatina airport for the release of Serb prisoners.

The special operation was of a peacemaking nature. It was successful, the Russian military took control of the Slatina airport before NATO soldiers did. When the film comes out, all these events will be restored on a wide screen. It remains to wait for the release in the winter of 2019 to plunge into the historical military conflict that ended successfully for the Russian troops.


Actors playing key roles in the new, action-packed historical film “The Balkan Frontier”:

  • Anton Pampushny (Andrey Shatalov).
  • Gosha Kutsenko (Beck).
  • Milosh Bikovich (Vuk Majewski).
  • Milena Radulovich (Jasna Blagojevich).
  • Gojko Mitic (Goran Milic).
  • Miodrag Radonich (Amir).
  • Dmitry Fried (Dr. Stern).
  • Svetlana Chuikina (Martha).
  • Anya Alach (Dushka).
  • And others.

The cast of the Balkan Frontier will be interesting to fans of Russian cinema and not only. One of the important roles in the new film is played by the actor Gojko Mitic, known for numerous films about the Indians who were released in the GDR. Gosha Kutsenko and Anton Pampushny also draw attention to a new historical film.

The film “Balkan Frontier” 2019. Release date, actors, trailer

Film crew

In February 2019, we will be able to go to see the Balkan Frontier thanks to the efforts of these representatives of the film crew:

  • Andrei Volgin (director).
  • Gosha Kutsenko (general producer).
  • Vadim Byrkin (creative producer).
  • Ivan Naumov (screenwriter).
  • Andrei Anaykin (screenwriter).

The first epic trailer in Russian will be released after the completion of the main shooting process. It will be available online, as well as attached to all important action-packed premieres in cinemas.

Details from the set

Work on the video has been going on since 2017, the shooting took place in Kosovo and the Crimea.The slogan of the film was the phrase “The Strongest Wins”, revealing the idea of ​​glorifying Russian weapons, expressed by producer Gosha Kutsenko. He himself will also play one of the roles in the film. Key, but not the most important.

The budget of the film is 230 million Russian rubles. The release of the "Balkan turn" is engaged in the studio 20th Century Fox. The project is ambitious and for many eyewitnesses of that war is difficult. A lot of attention is not attracted to modern Russian cinema, critics often express a negative opinion. But it is precisely military patriotic projects that succeed our filmmakers best. How much we will cope with the task of carrying the burdens of the war in Kosovo, Andrei Volgin, Gosha Kutsenko and their team, we will know very soon. Release in Russian will be held in February 2019 in all cinemas of the country.

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