Festival "Journey to Christmas" 2018

Today it is difficult to believe that such a grand festival began with a small platform on Manezhnaya Square, where the Christmas fair from Strasbourg worked. Due to its popularity, at the initiative of the Moscow City Hall, it was decided to expand and develop this event. As a result, an international festival was organized, which deservedly won the love and recognition of not only Russians, but also many inhabitants of the Old World.

Festival "Journey to Christmas" 2018


According to the promises of the Moscow mayor Sergey Sobyanin, the festival “Journey to Christmas 2018” promises to be one of the brightest events of this winter. In support of his words, more than 15 countries, including India and Japan, applied for participation in the event.

Where and when will the festival take place?

Festival "Journey to Christmas" 2018

Moscow is the place where the festival “Journey to Christmas” takes place. Traditionally, it will begin in the capital in mid-December 2017 and will end exactly one month later - in January 2018.This year it will cover almost all metropolitan districts, however, the center of the city will be the epicenter of events. It is here that residents and guests of Moscow will enjoy fair expositions from around the world, beautiful Christmas trees dressed up with colorful toys and costumed street performances with unusual plots.

Famous designers, artists, decorators and special effects masters who create incredible installations and decorate nearby buildings and trees with bright lights are involved in organizing the holiday. Thanks to the efforts of the organizers, the Christmas festival will turn the city into a real fairy tale that will come to life right before our eyes.

Interesting facts about the international festival “Journey to Christmas 2018”:

  • total number of applications for participation in the event: more than 700;
  • number of decorators, designers and designers: 300;
  • the number of objects involved in the festival: more than 70;
  • number of fairgrounds: 42;
  • number of trees for street decoration: 900;
  • number of foreign countries participating in the fair: 15.

How was the festival fair held in 2017?

Festival "Journey to Christmas" 2018. Where will be held

The previous “Journey to Christmas” fully reveals the full scope of this event.All those who were in Moscow from December 16, 2016 to January 15, 2017 could appreciate the beauty and beauty of what is happening on the streets and squares of the capital. The initiators of the holiday, in the face of the Moscow administration, organized an unforgettable program for Muscovites and guests of the city, which consisted of the following events:

  1. fair and skating rink on Red Square;
  2. installation “Alley of Santa Clauses” at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements;
  3. street performance “Musical Forest” on Pushkin Square;
  4. Ice Mountain in the area of ​​Manezhka and Revolution Square;
  5. “3D sky” on Bolshaya Dmitrovka;
  6. giant dance ball on Poklonnaya Hill;
  7. treats of fresh pastries from the fair on Tverskoy Boulevard;
  8. the residence of Santa Claus near Usachevsky market.
  9. light figures and tunnels in different parts of the capital;
  10. Christmas trees decorated with oranges and other original decorations;

In addition to the above activities, several hundreds of fairground tents were deployed throughout the city, where you could purchase the main attributes of the holiday: souvenirs, exclusive Christmas tree decorations, sweets and gifts for children.

For all those who wish to get acquainted with the full list of festive events, the official website of the festival provides all the necessary information, including photos and video.

What will be the festival program in 2018?

Festival "Journey to Christmas" 2018. Where will be held

Given the tremendous success of the previous festivals “Journey to Christmas”, many guests and residents of the capital hope that the next event will be even more ambitious, colorful and memorable. Today, there are no data on the program of the upcoming holiday on the portal of the Government of Moscow; however, despite the lack of information, it can be assumed that the main events will take place in the central part of Moscow, as usual. The traditional place of fairs, performances and concerts will be: Red Square, Poklonnaya Gora, Manezhnaya and Ploshchad Revolyutsii.

If you believe the promises of Sergei Sobyanin, this Christmas Moscow, along with other world capitals, will once again sparkle with bright New Year lights and will delight its residents and numerous guests with new spectacular installations, exhibitions and performances.

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