Fashionable female coats autumn-winter 2017-2018 year

Sheepskin coats are comfortable and stylish clothes that are perfect for the autumn-winter season. Unlike fur coats, which look luxurious, but not quite suitable for everyday wear, products made of dubbed leather add to the image of presentability and chic and fit into any image. Due to the variety of styles, they are unusually in demand among modern fashionistas, who are already interested in what coats for women will be relevant in 2017-2018.

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Fashion trends of sheepskin coat of the autumn-winter season

The key trend of the upcoming season is comfort. No matter how beautiful and luxurious a thing is, it should, first of all, be comfortable to wear. Renowned designers thoroughly worked on the traditional look of women's sheepskin coats of 2017-2018 and, as the photos show, made a touch of creativity, presenting to the court of modern fashionable women a variety of original models, ranging from elongated to the floor and ending with stylish short jackets.Such a product is not purchased for one season, so the second trend is the high quality of the textures used.

A favorite material for fashion designers is natural suede, used as a base. Suede products are soft, light and aesthetically pleasing. Relevant and fur velor. It should be noted that such coats are more durable, but their weight is heavier, and besides, the material does not lend itself to a complex cut, so it’s better to refuse from the idea of ​​buying an unusual design thing from fur velor.

Suede sheepskin coatSheepskin coats from natural suedeStylish Suede Sheepskin CoatsSuede Sheepskin Coats

Many designers presented in collections sheepskin coat with a glossy finish. It does not add water resistance to the product due to the presence of microspores, but it is much easier to care for such a thing. The only negative is that scratches remain, so a sheepskin coat can quickly lose its “marketable” look.

For the manufacture of sheepskin used sheepskin, a material with high thermal insulation properties; for finishing products - the lower part of the cuffs, hood, collar - expensive furs (mink, silver fox, raccoon).

Most fashion designers have relied on the shortened products that look like biker jackets.This style is undoubtedly appreciated by avtoledi, spending a lot of time behind the wheel. By the way, fashionable men's coats of the 2017-2018 season, as shown in the photo, are also unthinkable without this stylish model.

Short sheepskin coatsBiker Sheepskin CoatsSheepskin thighYouth coats

Relevant coats in overseas style, slim silhouette, asymmetrical. The most popular element of the cut is the English collar. A distinctive feature of the duplicated products was the almost complete lack of decor, although there were some exceptions.

Sheepskin overseas

As for the color range, traditional colors are in trend (black, white, chocolate, green, mustard).

Brown sheepskin coatSheepskin coats white and blackSheepskin coats of natural shadesBlack sheepskin coat

Also relevant are terracotta, bright blue, burgundy, pink, purple. In 2018, fashionable colors can be complemented by light fur on cuffs and hem.

Sheepskin coats of bright colorsColored sheepskinModels of colored sheepskinSheepskin delicate shades

Combined products, for example, a white sheepskin coat with bright inserts, will make its owner stand out from the crowd.

Sheepskin coats with bright inserts

Fashionable styles of sheepskin coats 2017-2018

Sheepskin coats of 2017-2018 are distinguished by a variety of models and colors. To current styles include:

  1. sports;
  2. sheepskin coats;
  3. caps;
  4. overseas models;
  5. sheepskin coats;
  6. in retro style;
  7. with a hood.

Short sport jackets. Similar products fit perfectly in both casual or street and evening styles. In the upcoming season, the products are equipped with numerous decorative elements in the form of fasteners and buttons and are made in the style of military.Sheepskin coats in sporty style

Sheepskin coat. Models of direct cut in dark or light colors emphasize the figure and do not make it too voluminous.Sheepskin coats

Pilot jacket. Fashionable sheepskin coats of autumn-winter 2018, as can be seen in the photo, it is impossible to imagine without this model. A distinctive feature of the product is a belt located at the bottom. Completed with fur, hood, things look stylish and fully comply with the trends of the upcoming season.Sheepskin pilot

In overseas style. The free cut is relevant today and in outerwear. Thus, the oversized practical sheepskin coat of overseas creates the feeling that the thing is “hanging” on a woman. Men's coats of 2017-2018 are also found in this unusual style.Sheepskin overseas

Sheepskin coat. The model without fastener which is fixed on a waist by a belt. Due to the quality texture, the floors do not develop and thus do not create discomfort, and the size of the product is adjustable.

Sheepskin coatsSheepskin kneeYouth coatsLong coats

Retro style. Models are characterized by a simple cut, length to the middle of the knee, semi-fitted silhouette.These elements perfectly emphasize the figure and allow you to create trendy expressive bows in a retro style, which the designers again recalled, developing stylish images for 2018.Sheepskin coats in retro style

With hood. This model does not lose relevance, because the hood can replace a hat or play the role of a volume collar.

Sheepskin coats with hoodStylish coatsCoat models in coatsSheepskin coat in a comfortable hood

When choosing a fashionable sheepskin coat for yourself, do not forget that fashion is a relative value, remember that it is much more important that you own style.

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