Fake diamond

Fake diamond

Artificial stone (or as it is otherwise called acrylic stone) is made using mineral filler, color pigments and mixing acrylic resin. Artificial stone has long become popular in our society, primarily due to its excellent properties and reasonable price.

Images on request artificial stone window sill
Making it quite easy and does not require much effort. Artificial stone Staron or Corian is a versatile material - many useful products can be made from it, ranging from bar counters to decorative window sills, see dndgroup.com.ua/izdelia/podokonniki/. At the present time, manufacturers offer a fairly wide choice of colors and shades of products and acrylic stone, and even more; there is even a high-quality imitation of natural stone stones on the market. The surface of the product can be completely different, ranging from matte to semi-glossy. Acrylic stone harmonizes well with virtually all finishing materials. Thanks to the temroforming method, products of various shapes and even sizes can be produced.
Acrylic stone has enough positives, it is environmentally friendly, no chemical compounds act on it, it does not absorb dirt and water. It is worth remembering that in the event of any time, the artificial stone will not turn yellow, it will not burn out even under enormous temperatures and, importantly, it has a high wear resistance.
Acrylic stone retains heat well, while not heating above a certain norm. Its cost is noticeably lower than natural stone, and the quality, if inferior, is not very much.

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