Facing the walls of the pool: The basis for the construction of most pools is reinforced concrete of a special brand M350, it is poured around the perimeter and plays the role of supporting walls. However, even the most durable grade of concrete is subject to destruction under the action of moisture and its appearance leaves much to be desired.


Facing the walls of the pool

If the pool is below ground level, a sandy - gravel pad is poured, it is necessary in order to evenly distribute the load on the base of the pool. Then the external waterproofing film is laid. Following the waterproofing, insulation is being laid, and then reinforced concrete follows. When building a swimming pool with above-ground hands, it can be sheathed with ceramic tiles or siding. Finishing the pool bowl is not an easy task even for an experienced master. The inner lining depends on the selected material:

  • Ceramic tile;
  • Mosaic;
  • Porcelain stoneware;
  • Special reinforced PVC film.

Facing the walls of the pool

For laying ceramic tiles or mosaics need a perfectly flat surface.Concrete walls need to be subjected to careful processing, for this you can use sandpaper or automatic grinding machine. Then the walls must be plastered with special moisture-resistant plaster. To increase the adhesion of the surface, a special glue consisting of dissimilar impregnations, such as epoxy resin, urethane and others, is applied to the cleaned concrete prior to plastering.


Facing the walls of the pool

Tiling is done by analogy with the bathroom. Pecking agents and pool grout are also different. Under the water column tiles will sag. For lining need special glue. Regarding the choice of tile itself, it is recommended to use porcelain tiles, as opposed to tiled ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles practically do not absorb dirt and prevent microorganisms and fungi from growing. Porcelain tile is a subspecies of ceramic tiles, therefore, the method of its laying is no different from the laying of ceramic tiles.

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