English Football Championship 2016-2017

In the middle of August, namely the 13th, beginsEnglish Football Championship 2016-2017. The next season is already the 25th draw of the most famous championship in the whole world, to compete in a fascinating style of play with which, perhaps the Spanish professional league.

Similarly to the past season, the new championship will please fans with an abundance of goals, incredible saves and aggressive, interesting derby.

Of course, fans of the English championship is also waiting for intrigue. Will Leicester City once again repeat its astounding takeoff? Will Manchester City demonstrate the same kind of football in the 2016-2017 season? All the answers to these and other questions will be revealed in the upcoming championship, which will start very soon.

English Championship Schedule

Football championship in England will be held for ten months. Start of matches is scheduled for August 13 of this year. The submarine will end on May 21, 2017. The championship of foggy Albion, as in many other European countries, is carried out according to the algorithm "autumn-spring". Thus, the duration of the tournament is from August to May.The English Championship does not have any “holiday respite” or winter breaks.

English Premier League matches

Twenty teams from all over England, as well as one team from Wales, will take part in the championship. The largest number of clubs come from London. The conversation is about “West Khem”, “Arsenal”, “Tottenham” and “Chelsea”. Also, two teams represent the city of Liverpool, a similar number of clubs from Manchester.

Each of the twenty teams must meet in the match between them twice. As a result, in the ten months of the tournament, all teams will meet 38 times.

Teams "Premier League" of England

Three football teams that showed the worst game and therefore ranked on the last lines of the NPS standings are eliminated in the “Championship” - the second in terms of prestige prof. league of England and Wales. Thus, the three best teams from the Championship go to the Premier League.

Based on the results of the previous championship, in the season of 2016-2017, the following teams will definitely participate: West Brom, Bornmunt, Everton, Swansea City, Watford, Stoke City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Southampton, West Ham, Manchester City, Arsenal, Manchester United, Tottenham, Leicester City.

Scoreboard English Football Championship 2016-2017

The next season has not yet begun, so it is very difficult at the moment to predict the approximate situation in the NPS standings. But, based on the results of previous championships, you can make the top ten teams that are likely to be in the leading positions in the Premier League standings.

  • "Liverpool"
  • "Manchester United"
  • "Manchester city"
  • Chelsea
  • "Arsenal"
  • "Fulham"
  • Everton
  • Leicester City
  • Swansea City
  • "Tottenham"

predictions for the championship of EnglandThe teams listed above will not only not move to a lower division, but will also qualify for positions in the top three. The only exception to this “ten” is perhaps Everton, Fulehm and Swansea City. The maximum of their capabilities is to be in the top ten of the Premier League and getting into the qualifying stages of the Europa League.

It is obvious that the battle for the leading line in the championship will be very serious. Since for a long time the “great four” of the English championship (Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal), which shared the top three lines in the table, have sunk into oblivion. "Manchester United" and "Liverpool" for a long time no longer demonstrate a high-class game, worthy of the first place.

In this regard, the results of the meetings of the English Championship in the 2016-2017 season can not be predetermined. This was clearly shown last season by the Leicester City team.

Who will take first place in the Premier League

It is not at all easy to reveal the only contender for the main prize among the abundance of the strongest teams. Let us examine separately the main contenders for prizes.

"Manchester United"

NPS 2017The last time this club became the owner of the main trophy three years ago. From that moment on, this club was no longer lucky; internal crises markedly affected the position of Manchester United in the standings.

The strongest players who recently were the strongest backbone of the team left the club. Thus, experts believe that the outcome of the upcoming draw for the “red devils” is completely dependent on the rich sponsors and the promptness of the team scouts.

"Manchester city"

premier league englandThis team is famous for the incredible attack at the level of the strongest teams of the Old World. The attack of the club is constantly in the ranking of the best submarines.

Thus, among the scorers in the English championship 2016-2017 season, no doubt there will be players of this team.


A similar team of "Manchester City", but announced about themselves much later. Abramovich Roman's huge investments influenced the team's ascent.

English Premier League 2017An interesting club from the west of London regularly hits the top four strongest clubs in the Premier League. The last time Chelsea won gold medals in 2015.

Not so long ago, the draw of the championship in England was just incredible, no one expected such a delightful game, much less a championship, from a modest Leicester.

While one half of the fans of this championship is in a small state of shock, the other is trying to predict how the new season will be for their favorite teams. Answers to all the questions will provide us with the 25th draw of the championship, which starts in the late summer of 2016.

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