Engineering Day 2018

In order to get acquainted with the history and traditions of the holiday, as well as to find out how and when the Machine Builder Day 2018 will be celebrated in Russia, we offer to make a brief tour prepared by our information guides.


A few words about engineering

This industry is the base and one of the most profitable sectors in the economic sector of our country. Being inseparably connected with the agricultural, defense-industrial, transport and construction complexes of Russia, mechanical engineering ensures their stable functioning and filling the consumer market with necessary goods.

Engineering Day 2018

The level of development of the engineering industry depends not only on defense, environmental safety and labor productivity in other sectors, but also indicators of the gross domestic product of the country. This complex combines more than 8,000 large, as well as 30,000 medium and small enterprises, which form the necessary balance of domestic industry.

The importance of mechanical engineering for the labor market in Russia cannot be underestimated. The number of people employed in the sector exceeds 4,000,000, which is one third of all those employed in the industry.

Mechanical engineering is a rather complex structure consisting of more than 20 sub-sectors, including automobile, metallurgical, agricultural, petroleum, chemical, municipal and machine-road production, as well as shipbuilding, machine-tool, radio-electronic, aviation and other strategic areas of the industrial complex.

According to current statistics, in the output of machine-building products, 27.4% is accounted for by the automotive industry, 13.3% - by instrument-making and electrical engineering, 10.3% - by power, transport and heavy engineering, 6% - by petrochemical engineering, 2.4% - by equipment for the light food industry, 2.1% for construction and road engineering, 1.9% for products for the machine tool industry, 1.8% for agricultural engineering, 35% for defense and other sub-sectors.

What date is celebrated?

For the first time, the Day of Mechanical Engineering appeared in the holiday calendar of the USSR in the 1980th year. The main initiators of awarding him high state status were members of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union. According to the approved resolution, the official date of the holiday was chosen on October 1, however, after 8 years, the document was amended and the date of the celebrations was postponed to the last Sunday of September.

As for the realities of modern Russia, the date of the holiday remains the same. Given its “floating” calendar, you can easily calculate the day of the upcoming celebrations. In 2018, it will be possible to congratulate the workers of the industry on September 30th, on Sunday.

Engineering Day in 2018 in Russia. What date

How do Russians celebrate Engineering Day?

Like many other solemn and significant dates in our country, the professional holiday of machine builders is not complete without family feasts, concert and corporate events.

At enterprises that are directly related to this industry, solemn meetings are organized, at which sincere congratulations from the mouths of the engineers, designers and ordinary workers of this sphere are heard from the mouths of managers.

A popular event on the last Sunday of September is the “open day”, which is organized for schoolchildren and students undergoing training in various engineering and engineering universities of the country.

In large industrial cities of Russia on the Day of Mechanical Engineering, various entertainment events traditionally take place, the list of which includes:

  • expositions of innovative machinery and equipment created by leading industry experts;
  • themed flash mobs and folk festivals;
  • concerts with the participation of local creative groups and popular domestic artists.

Final word

Mechanical Engineering Day is a wonderful holiday, which has a direct relationship to everyone, without exception, the inhabitant of our country. Products manufactured by enterprises of this industry have wide application not only in the industrial sector, but also in everyday life. After all, without washing machines, cars, microwaves and other household items, most of our compatriots would be deprived of their usual comfort. Taking into account this fact, it is worth paying tribute to the employees of the engineering industry and sincerely wish them health, family well-being and professional success.

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