EGE on history 2019

Now, as a compulsory subject during the unified state exam, Russian schoolchildren pass the Russian language and mathematics. History will be the third required subject for graduates. Olga Vasilieva, Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, stated during the lecture “The role and place of science and education in today's Russia. Challenges and Prospects ”, that in 2020 the EGE on history will become mandatory for graduates of all Russian schools. “In 2020, the whole country will pass the story. Because without knowledge of history it is impossible to move on, ”said Vasilyeva. So those who are going to take the exam on the history of 2019, it is necessary to approach the issue of preparation with the utmost seriousness.


What is the exam for history?

Every citizen of Russia should know the history of his country and the history of nearby countries, since many different events are based on this.

  1. This subject contains very interesting facts about the past of the whole living world.
  2. Probably, without additional knowledge about the country it is difficult to solve some difficult tasks.
  3. In addition, any story, even if it is the newest, will be remembered by every student.

EGE on history 2019

In short, the subject of the story consists of different dates and events that still have to be studied and then remembered for a long period of time. This knowledge is useful for admission to a higher educational institution.

General information about the exam

The unified state examination on history is currently an optional subject, it is handed over only to those who independently made such a choice. Successful passing of the exam on history is necessary for admission to such popular specialties as:

  • jurisprudence;
  • linguistics;
  • design;
  • architecture and many others.

Before proceeding to the preparation, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with general information about the exam.

Option 2018 KIM EGE will undergo changes compared with the variants of the past year. For the correct implementation of tasks 3 and 8 now they give not 1, but 2 points each. Y 25taskschanged the wording and evaluation criteria.

How to prepare for the exam on history?

Preparation for the Unified State Exam in history is considered to be perhaps the most difficult in the system of final exams, and the matter is primarily in a large number of questions with a rather limited time for answers, as well as in a large amount of material that must be repeated before the exam.Indeed, when compiling tests, FIPI used the questions of the curriculum for several classes.

To prepare for the test, you need to use school textbooks, the help of a teacher or tutor, as well as on the Unified State Exam courses on history.

To prepare for exams, you can download demo versions of the assignment and take online tests. The tasks presented in their complexity and structure are identical to the real exams held in the respective years. The tasks that can be found in the demo versions are not likely to meet at the exam, but there will be tasks similar to the demo on the same topic.

The structure of the KIM EGE history

In total in KIM on history of 25 tasks. Part 1 contains 19 tasks with a short answer. In 2 parts - 6 tasks with a detailed answer.

Part 1 presents the following tasks:

  • knowledge of chronology (you need to know in which year, in which century an important historical event took place);
  • on knowledge of historical concepts and terms;
  • on knowledge of historical facts;
  • two tasks on the ability to work with historical sources;
  • on knowledge of historical personalities;
  • to check the ability to work with information given in the form of a table;
  • to work with a historical map;
  • knowledge of the facts of cultural history;
  • to work with illustrative material.

EGE on the history of 2019. Evaluation criteria, changes, demo version

* Part 2 - these are 6 tasks, which imply a detailed answer, which should be written in your own words.
* 3 tasks (No. 20, No. 21, No. 22) - tasks for work with a historical source.
* Task number 20 assumes the attribution of a historical source (attribution is the definition * of authorship, the definition of the time when the historical source was created, the definition of events referred to in this historical text).
* Task number 21 is a task to search for information in the source.
* Task number 22 - checking contextual knowledge.
* Task number 23 - the historical task or analysis of the historical situation.
* Assignment # 24 for verification to argue historical points of view. This is the most difficult task in the whole work.
* Task number 25 - a historical essay.

The tasks of the first part can be considered as tasks of the basic level, but the skills demonstrated by the students in the second part belong to an increased level of complexity.

In a historical essay, students in grade 11 are required to write a consistent, coherent text, that is, a mini essay about one of the periods of history (a choice of three).
There are certain requirements for writing:

  • must be represented in the work of at least two processes, phenomena within the chosen student period;
  • two persons must be indicated, their roles in these events, processes, phenomena should be characterized;
  • must be indicated at least two causal relationships;
  • historical terminology should be used;
  • no actual mistakes can be made.
Work time 3 hours 55 minutes (235 minutes).
The maximum primary score you can score for doing all the work 55 points, which are translated into test on a special scale

The date of the EGE on history will be known in January 2019.

The results of the Unified State Exam in the history in 2019 can be found in its general educational organization or on the official site of the Unified State Exam

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