Easter tree by own hands: master class

Easter is one of the brightest Christian holidays, and it is accompanied by numerous traditions. In particular, in many countries it is customary to dress a special tree for Easter.

History of tradition

Making an Easter tree with your own hands is taken inmany countries of the world. Originally this tradition appeared in Germany, and then it became popular in the United States of America and in Australia. This tree is the same symbol of the Christian holiday as the fir tree for New Year and Christmas.Easter tree with own hands

The tradition of decorating tree branches with eggs leavesroots in the depth of centuries. Creating an Easter tree can be a holiday for the whole family. For this, special knowledge is not needed. If you are looking for the easter tree, how to do it, then try to learn more about the ingredients from which it is created.

This tree should look luxurious, because itsymbolizes the beginning of a new life. It will perfectly decorate the center of the kitchen table, and next to it you can put your Easter gifts, just as you put gifts under the Christmas tree for New Year and Christmas.

The Easter tree can be made with your own hands, using not so many improvised tools, but you need to try.

What you need to work

To get the necessary ingredients, go toyour garden or in any park, break off some branches of a cherry or a willow, which just at this time blossom. This is the easiest way to make an Easter tree yourself.Easter tree with own hands

The length of the branches can be any, depending on your preferences. Most likely, you will be enough for five or six branches, but it is possible and more.

You will also need a vase in which you will put the branches. It must be strong to withstand their weight.

If you want your Easter treelasted longer, then you need to take a special container, usually used for flowers, and fill it with water. You can add a little salt or a special filler to the water. The Easter tree with our own hands, the master class we are currently studying, can be decorated with flowers, for example, lilies or roses. You can take twigs of lilac and add them to the general bouquet.

Easter eggs

The more you decorate this product, the more joy it will bring to your home. It is best to use those decorative elements that are customary for us for Easter.easter tree photo

Most often the branches of the Easter tree are decoratedEaster eggs. You can buy ready-made in a store and attach them to tree branches. But if you really love everything done by yourself, then take the usual eggs, make holes in them through which to drain the contents. And then you can decorate received empty shells in many different ways. Make an easter tree from eggs, colored with natural dyes, for example, using a bow. You can paint them with gouache or watercolor, making ornaments with a brush. There are masters who decorate the eggs with beads, strung it on strings, and thus create whole artistic compositions.

Easter nest

The bird's nest is a common decoration on theEaster. The Easter tree with your own hands will look much better if you hang a nest on its branches. To create such an ornament, you can use straw, glue, moss, grass, cardboard.Easter tree how to make

To make an Easter nest, you will need tofirst prepare a cross-shaped base for it. With the help of a thin wire, it is necessary to form coils, in which weave twigs of willow are interwoven. The decorative nest can be installed on a beautiful plate, or you can cover it with grass and decorate with colorful feathers.

Easter tree with your own hands will be finelook, if you decorate it with a bird's nest and put Easter gifts inside. To make gifts you can connect your children and close relatives, who will help you arrange everything properly.


As gifts for such a tree you can use knitted Easter eggs. Knit shell for eggs can be with cotton thread, acrylic or wool.

If you knit from thin threads, it is betterNumber two needles. You type on the spokes ten loops and knit garter stitch, that is, alternating the front loops and the purlins. You can alternate different colors of yarn or make ornaments.tree from beads Easter

Having connected a small cloth in length of twenty centimeters, we sew it, fill it with filler and attach a ribbon to it. Then you can put it in the Easter nest or hang it in the room.

The material for creating such an egg is not necessarily a thread. You can not only bind it, but also sew it. To do this, make a pattern, and for sewing use silk or cotton.

Birds and rabbits

Your Easter tree will become your own handslook better, if in its branches will sit birds and rabbits. In order to create a decorative bird, you just need to take a tennis ball, decorate it with feathers, which will represent the tail and wings. In the branches of the tree you can plant rabbits, which can be made independently. Option - buy a chocolate rabbit in a special store and hang on branches. Such a tree can be decorated with several pieces of carrots.tree from beads Easter

There is a tradition in some countries - to hang on a branch of chocolates or kinder-surprises, your child will surely like this.

Types of festive trees

The easter tree, a master class on which it is easy to find in the magazine on needlework, can be different. There are different types of Easter trees.

Traditional German Easter treeis called Osterbaum. It is created on the basis of ordinary trees that grow in the garden or in the garden. This tree is usually decorated with Easter eggs made of wood. Eggs are painted very brightly and give a unique color to the room.

The Biblical Easter tree implies thaton its branches you will place small pictures depicting biblical plots. Eggs that hang on it must have images in the form of a cross. The Easter tree with their own hands, the master class on which is uncomplicated, looks very beautiful.

Each owner builds a house tree for himselfitself. To do this, you need a flower pot, which is packed with floral foam. In it one branch or several is placed, they are decorated with flowers and eggs.

Easter tree, photo of which you cansee in the magazine on hand-made novelties, you can just draw on the wall. For this, it is better to use paints and markers. To decorate such a tree, you can also use colored paper.

Best Easter trees

The tree from the Easter beads is very beautiful. But the German Volker Craft set a personal record, hanging on the apple tree in his yard, ten thousand eggs.

To decorate this tree Volker began as a child. So, first he hung plastic eggs on a tree, then he began to take real ones, hand-painted. There are in his collection samples that were decorated with a drill or rhinestones. In the decoration of the tree Volker help his children and grandchildren, and one of the daughters is a professional artist.

In Kiev in 2014 was also installedan Easter tree, in which Vinnytsia and Kiev schoolchildren contributed to the decoration. For two weeks they decorated 2014 eggs with different techniques. Also in Vinnitsa appeared an Easter tree on which hung 170 cookies. To create such a decor, both real and wooden eggs were used.

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