Domestic duck and its types

Ducks along with chickens, geese and turkeys arepopular poultry. They are bred both in private household plots and on large farms. These birds are quite beneficial for breeding, because, in addition to eggs and delicious meat, they are a source of valuable down, as well as fat. However, what exactly you will receive in the greatest amount depends on the breed of the bird. Like other domestic birds, egg, meat, and mixed ducks are distinguished by their productivity (taken from ).

Domestic duck and wild

All our domestic ducks are mainly fromone kind of wild relative - Mallard. Like the wild birds, the households also have short webbed feet, a relatively small head, an elongated trunk, a short neck. All of them belong to a single group of waterfowl. In nature, wild ducks live near fresh water bodies or on the seas, and also settle in wetlands. Like wild relatives, domestic ducks also prefer to eat vegetable food and small underwater inhabitants (shells, mollusks, fry).

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Classification of Species

So, as we have already said, all the breeds of domestic ducks are divided into three main types according to the type of productivity. Let's consider the main indicators of each of them:

  • Meat - this is the most popular type of ducks, whichhigh fertility and early maturity. They have a large body weight (up to 2.5 kg in two months), and females are able to produce up to 50 ducks each year. With good nutrition and necessary conditions, the offspring quickly gain weight and are ready for slaughter at the age of 2-2.5 months. This group includes such breeds as white Moscow, Rouen, gray Ukrainian, Peking, black white-chested.
  • Egg - breeds of ducks that have a low mass, butcharacterized by high egg production. However, these birds are the least in demand, since even though their productivity is not inferior to chickens, they are not profitable in terms of their content. But such ducks are very mobile and often have a beautiful appearance. The most unusual and popular enough are Indian runners.
  • Meat beans are universal breeds thatthe most popular among private owners. The domestic duck of this species has an average size and is characterized by good egg production and excellent meat at the same time. Like meat breeds, they also gain weight quickly, but are unpretentious in food and care. These include mirror ducks and khaki-camel.

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Who are the muskets, or the Indots?

Another kind of domestic ducks, which with everyoneyear is becoming more popular and popular. This type is somewhat separate, since it does not originate from mallard. Their ancestors are wild birds of South America and Mexico. By the way, there are still wild populations of musk ducks there. From the rest of the domestic breeds, they are distinguished by more dietary low-fat meat, as well as greater versatility in the content.


Muskets do not require the presence of a pond on the site, they are noiseless, and also have a calm temper.

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