DIY mirror decoration

November 14, 2010
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Mirror do it yourselfDecorating a simple mirror with your own hands, you can get a stylish interior element that perfectly complements the chosen style. There are not so many mirrors in the house, and if they are also original and unusual, then the value of such décor greatly increases. This article will discuss how to arrange a mirror in an unusual style and get the original accent of your home.

To make such a mirror, you will need: a round mirror, a plywood or wooden round base (the diameters of the mirror and the base should be correlated in a ratio of 2: 1), flat wooden sticks with pointed edges of two types - short wide and long narrow, double-sided tape or contact paper with sticky layer on both sides, scissors, nippers, hammer, fine-grained sanding paper, “Moment” type glue (not superglue), silver spray paint and painting tape. To attach the mirror to the wall, you will need a metal bracket and 2 studs with a wide cap, and to create a “press” you need to prepare a stack of thick magazines or books.

How to make a mirror with your own hands

  1. Cut out contact paper circle equal to the diameter of the mirror. If double-sided tape is used, the strips should be laid side by side in order to completely cover the back surface of the mirror.
  2. We connect the mirror with the base with the help of adhesive tape glued at the previous stage.
  3. We divide both types of sticks into 2 equal parts and arrange them into 4 piles. Half wide sticks are cut with nippers by 2 cm, and narrow ones - by one quarter. Thus, we get 4 types of sticks. From each part we select a third - these sticks will be attached to the back side of the mirror. Before you cut, it is better to do the fitting of the length of the sticks.

    make a mirror with your own hands

  4. We clean all the sticks with sanding paper so that the paint will subsequently lay down evenly.
  5. Two types of wide sticks and one narrow (for the outside of the mirror) are laid in a circle, alternating in the order shown in the figure. To prevent the sticks from falling, you can put books of the required thickness under them.
  6. Then take out one stick and glue it to the base with glue, tightly pressing it to the attachment point.

    how to make a mirror with your own hands

  7. Remnants of glue can be removed with a toothpick until it has dried. On top of the glued sticks, having previously covered them with paper, we place a “press” of heavy magazines or books and leave the product to dry for several hours.
  8. The remaining sticks for the back side are glued to the back surface of the base, placing them at equal distance from each other.
  9. We stick the remaining short sticks between narrow long sticks and repeat step 7 for better gluing.
  10. Fastened to the back of the mirror holder for mounting on the wall.
  11. We close the mirror part of the product with masking tape and spray the silver-colored spray paint on the surface of the mirror, having previously laid it on a horizontal surface in order to avoid drips.
  12. Remove the protective tape and the original mirror is done with your own hands.

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