Dishwashers Gorenje (Burning): ranking of the best models of 2017-2018

More than half a century ago, in the Slovenian village of Gorenje, one company began producing agricultural equipment. After 18 years, refrigerators appeared in its product range, then kitchen furniture, stoves, Gorenje dishwashers and other household appliances.

Consider the best models of dishwashing machines that the brand represents on the market in 2017-2018.

Buyer attraction factors

Immediately after sending the first export products to Germany, the company's management joined the designer’s engineering.

Competition with other manufacturers based on not only functionality, but also external characteristics gave the result. Gorenje is constantly among the top ten European home appliance brands.

Dishwashers of this brand are available in several collections:

  • Ora itonamed after the eminent Ito Morabito, it is distinguished by simple and understandable control;
  • Simplicitydecorated in black and white classics, it is chosen by fans of minimalist comfort;
  • Smart flexInterestingly advanced functionality and maximum convenience of the camera;
  • Gorenje by starck- in this collection, decorative mirror panels with square handles are developed for dishwashers, the back side of the handles is complemented with orange color, which creates the impression of a backlight.

Fans of household appliances Gorenje easy to choose options for the already existing project of kitchen furniture.

Collection of dishwashers Ora-Ito
The Ora-Ito dishwasher collection is distinguished by its soft, laconic lines and the TotalDry system, when the doors are opened after washing, hot steam comes out and cold outside air enters the chamber

Vintage collectionInfinitydynamicKarim RashiduniversalClassicooldRetro- in other manufacturers such interior concepts just do not meet. But back to the functionality.

General characteristics of devices

In the line of the brand there are built-in and free-standing devices. Each model is different from a “colleague” in size and functionality. Dishwasher energy efficiency class - A +++ and A ++.

Dishwasher chamber Gorenje
All important details of dishwashers are made of high-quality metal: housings, baskets, rocker arms, filters, sprinklers and heating elements

New items equipped with a systemAquastopprotecting property of the owner from leakages.

Main settings:

  1. Colors: black, white.
  2. Average price range: 20-67 thousand rubles.
  3. Width: 45 and 60.
  4. Capacity: 6-16 sets.
  5. Baskets: 2 or 3.
  6. Programs: 3, 5, 6.
  7. Noise: 42 to 52 dB.

All dishwashers of the “Gorenie” trademark work according to the Auto program, which automatically determines the washing parameters depending on the quantity and contamination of dishes.

A touch panel allows you to easily and quickly control the unit, monitor the process of work.

Ten best models

Each of the 10 models in the rating has its own characteristics. There are budget copies with minimal functionality, expensive units with many useful options, narrow and wide devices.

The company's specialists have developed a more than sufficient range for customers.

Place # 1 - Roomy Gorenje GV60ORAW

16 setsdishes - the manufacturer jokingly calls the unit's camera a magic hat in which everything fits. A convenient camera with three baskets suggests different loading options.

The machine has the highest energy efficiency class -A +++. Washes dishes on five programs: automatic, intensive, eco, rinsing, fast. The latter lasts only 20 minutes.

Each program works in its temperature range from 35 to 70 degrees. For the year, the unit consumes approximately 2600 liters of water.

Sophisticated internal design greatly facilitates the placement of sets, it is possible to wash large pans, trays and other dimensional items. The upper compartment is height adjustable mechanismMulticlack.

The rocker arms with water-spraying holes are arranged rationally; during rotation, they do not touch the dishes. The main task of the user is to decompose kitchen utensils and appliances so that they are freely washed by jets of water from all sides.

The top tray of the camera is a basket with a large mesh and is equipped with telescopic rails.

The electronics of the device remembers the last settings. The indicator displays the parameters of the selected program and a signal about its completion. The machine is detached with a front panel, so there is no possibility of hanging the furniture facade.

Place # 2 - silent Gorenje GDV664X

The model is equipped with the option of delaying the start for a day, which makes it possible to turn on the machine at night, when there are profitable reduced electricity tariffs.

To manage this dishwasher is very simple. Of11 programsand 7 temperature regimes from 30 to 70 degrees will surely find suitable parameters for the user. Plus, you can set the time.

From half an hour to an hour it is enough to remove contamination from slightly soiled dishes, the average mode is activated for a half to two hours, the duration of intensive washing is 2-3 hours.

The unit has a function3-in-1for the use of tablets. If you load such a tool, the machine will not add any rinse aid during the cleaning process.

This product is interesting bottom basket, where there are folding holders of plates. If necessary, they can be folded to place large objects on a flat surface.

In the chamber there are also openings for tableware of different sizes. You can download up to13 setsdishes And the main advantage of this model is the minimum noise level of 42 dB.

Water from the sprinklers is supplied from the top and bottom. It is better not to put in the lower compartment the dishes from which the fat drips so that the holes for the jets of water do not clog.

Place # 3 - Gorenje GDV674X

Embedded machine works on 11 programs. Outwardly, it is similar to the previous model.Thanks to the innovative SpaceDeluxe solution, it fits in14 setsdishes

The manufacturer equipped the device with a third basket for short and long cutlery, coffee cups.

The functionality has a hygienic program for disinfecting objects with hot water, so you can safely load children's dishes into the chamber.

The dishwasher comes with a special salt funnel. Before using it is necessary to pour water into a special tank and pour salt in it.

Distinctive feature of the model - intelligent controlUseLogic.

Its meaning is that the user simply loads the dishes, and the home assistant chooses the washing program and temperature parameters depending on the amount of dishes and the peculiarities of the dirt on it.

The equipment will wash glass and porcelain at minimum power, while baking sheets and pans will provide intensive processing.

Sensitive sensors of the device control the quality of water, guaranteeing maximum results with minimum expenditure of resources.

The machine signals the end of the program light and sound indicator. The design of the dishwasher provides for the installation of the furniture facade.

Place # 4 - Popular Gorenje GS52010S

Freestanding narrow machine copes with its main task - to wash the dishes. With a height of 85 cm, it can fit in a niche under the tabletop.

The basket in the model is height adjustable, there is a tray for small devices and a holder for glasses.

This dishwasher works in 5 programs: from standard - normal, fast, intensive, from additional - economical, pre-soak. Also provides a very popular option for half families in small families.

Its main advantage is in excellent washing quality and compactness (only 45 cm wide), which has almost no effect on functionality, only the amount of dishes loaded, and an affordable price tag with excellent equipment.

The device can be installed in a limited space of a small-sized kitchen. For self-installation and configuration is useful instruction that comes in the kit.

The instructions for the dishwasher are described in some detail how to load the machine, how to care for it, how to use detergents and other important points for the user.

The only minus is that the sound signal about the end of the program is almost not audible, users have to set the timer separately.

Place # 5 - narrow Gorenje GV51212

Despite its small width, the model fits 2 baskets and there is a functionality for processing9 setsdishes Of the programs, you can separately note the delicate washing and fast intensive mode.

The built-in dishwasher is equipped with a simple and clear electronic control, there is a half load option to save resources.

The lower section of the dishwasher is fully adapted for plates of different sizes. If you put the clamps, it will fit pots, pans.

6 programs with five temperature regimes from 40 to 65 degrees are enough for high-quality dishwashing.

Of the advantages, the manufacturer indicates a self-cleaning filter system that prevents clogging and malfunctions in this section of the structure.

Place # 6 - compact Gorenje GS54110W

The functionality of this model is optimally balanced. Programs 5: besides standard auto, eco, intensive rinsing and fast washing in 20 minutes.

There is a button on the control panel.Speed ​​washWhen you click on it, any program is halved, and the machine automatically calculates the temperature and amount of resources, while maintaining a thorough washing process.

A basket for spoons, forks, knives, if necessary, can be pulled out in order to free up additional space in the chamber of a dishwasher.

Another nice feature for the user -Multiclack. This is a special solution for the camera, when the top basket can be conveniently rearranged from one level to another, adjusting the space for large pans, glasses or plates.

An additional advantage is the option of self-cleaning filters and 3-in-1 detergent recognition.

Place # 7 - Two-tone Gorenje GV6SY2W

The model is different design collectionSimplicity, it can be bought in two versions - white and black.

Of the entire line, it is the most merciless to resources, spends 12 liters and more than 1 kW per hour per cycle. But the functionality, design and low price leave it in the ranking.

In the middle compartment is placed a small saucepan, if you fold the dish holders. The internal space is designed to the maximum and easily modeled by user requests.

There is a delay of start at 3, 6 or 9 hours, as well as a half load. Temperature modes 4: from 40 to 65 degrees.

A set of programs standard plus delicate and fast intensive washing. The device is built in completely, so there will be no problems to hide it behind the furniture facade.

On this model, as well as on some others, the special guarantee of the manufacturer according to the 1 + 1 scheme is provided.

The first 12 months are counted from the date of sale, the second the same period begins to operate after the end of the first. For the whole warranty period, free service is provided in authorized centers.

Place # 8 - Designer Gorenje GV60ORAB

The model is available in two colors - black and white. The first one has a wide gray handle, the facade of both is glossy.

It is incredibly spacious, allows you to download at the same time15 setsdishes Functional standard: 5 programs, including a quick 20-minute rinsing, plus 5 temperature modes from 35 to 70 degrees.

This model, like the other Gorenie machines, has an intuitive control panel with a power button, program selection, and additional functions.

In the upper compartment of the chamber, to the left and right, there is a folding compartment for cups, holders for knives and glasses.

The lower basket is equipped with folding and separate locking plates. The third tray is equipped with convenient instrument slots and telescopic rails.

In the functional option is particularly interesting.TotalDry- patented drying technology, which gives the dishes impeccable cleanliness and shine. The wash cycle ends with the automatic opening of the door, the user pulls out the dry, cold cutlery.

At the machine ultrahigh energy class -A +++. This means that, for all its size, it consumes the minimum possible amount of resources for the present.

Place # 9 - Cheap Gorenje GS53110W

This model is just perfect if you need a working assistant at an affordable cost. The increased height up to 85 cm gives an advantage also in the extra space of the camera.

Among the advantages of this machine: self-cleaning filters, 3-in-1 system, SpeedWash option for quick washing, LED display on the control panel.

You can wash the dishes in this unit on any of the 5 programs - intensive, daily, eco, rinsing and express with a duration of 20 minutes. The signal for the completion of the cycle appears on the panel and is duplicated by sound.

There are only two baskets, but this does not interfere with roominess. The upper compartment is manually adjustable in height.

The upper basket is rearranged in height even when fully loaded, and in the cutlery tray you can place glasses without fear that forks with spoons will scratch the glass.

The chamber is equipped with two sprinklers that distribute water flows in four directions. This provides an ideal sink even in hard-to-reach areas.

Place # 10 - Full-Size Gorenje GS62010W

The largest dishwasher in the rating has all the necessary functionality to help the owner in the spacious kitchen. Its capacity is12 sets.

Automatic system of self-cleaning filters, option3-in-1, 4 temperature conditions (35-60 degrees) and 5 programs - what more does the user need?

The manufacturer added a half load, 3 test modes, a push-button control panel with LED indicators.

The unit works almost silently, washes even the inveterate fat on baking pans, pans. It opens easily thanks to a convenient handle. The time until the end of the program is displayed on the panel, you can always see how much is left.

If you suddenly need to leave the house, you can not wait for the shutdown to shut off the water. The dishwasher is equipped with reliable leakage protection.AquaStop.

If a leak occurs at night or during the absence of the owner, the AquaStop system will shut off the water and the pump will simultaneously drain the remaining water from the bottom of the dishwasher.

Comparative table of units

It is convenient to analyze the functionality of dishwashers using a comparative table, where you can see the cost, the number of sets of dishes, noise level, dimensions, water consumption and electricity.

Dimensions (width, height, depth in cm) Water consumption (l) The number of sets of dishes Noise level (dB) Power Consumption (kWh)
GV60ORAW 59.6x60x81.7 9,5 16 45 0.86
GDV664X 60x56x82 9,4 13 42 0,95
GDV674X 60x56x82 9 14 42 0,83
GS52010S 45x60x85 9 9 49
GV51212 45x55x82 9 9 47 0,78
GS54110W 45x60x85 9 10 47 0,74
GV6SY2W 60x57x82 12 12 49 1,02
GV60ORAB 59.6x60x81.7 9,5 16 45 0,86
GS53110W 45x60x85 9 9 49 0,69
GS62010W 60x58x85 11 12 49 0,91

If the noise level is important to you, look at the GDV664X and GDV674X of equal size. They are different in terms of power consumption and capacity.

Need a freestanding machine? GS52010S for you. Or do you want high? Take a closer look at the narrow GS54110W or full-size GS62010W. More detailed information can be seen in the video reviews.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Overview of brand products with tips on care and operation:

The subtleties of choosing the optimal dishwasher for home use are discussed in the following storyline:

Considering the overall reliability and functionality of Gorenje dishwashers, the user has to choose a technique in terms of dimensions, design and price.. If the budget allows, look at expensive models with advanced options and thoughtful design.

If you need a budget machine, in the line there are several options for easy-to-use and inexpensive units. The performance of the sink will still be at its best.

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